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thursday 03/04/2014

190k private sale

110k+ copper cr for jackie

I can in this moment buy 39 kazayan in the martet, being 19 of them 0xp so what is your price of 20k each based on? did they belong to the queen?

Fairly self explanatory. comment on here pls

wednesday 02/04/2014

No longer need clive or hindelga no longer have nabrissa or graven and down to one clover

Thx but i'm not interested to bulks of normal cards

Hello i trade my dj korr cr (10M) for guru cr (10M)

if you are interested contact me


Seriously? your greedness is amazing smiley

tuesday 01/04/2014

300 / t + 1x Spyke 0xp

2 charlie 135k
2 lady 76k
5 mona 251k
6 don 108k
5 avola 50k
7 vermaire 87.5k
4 daddy jones 57.6k
6 lulabee 57k
2 numar 96k
3 crazy carlo 78k

this all adds up to 996k i will add a 0xp vickie cr 640k

640k + 996k = 1.636 million im looking to trade for marlysa cr + tsubame

Sneek in smiley

p.s Don't feel down, people don't check the forums every 5mins so you won't get many people in a 10mins

32 full chiara cr 21000 each
33 0 xp chiara 22000 each in private sell... interested ppl pm me smiley good day

Alec Cr , for reference

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