friday 21/02/2014

Sell Flavio Cr (0 exp)
Estimated price 570,000 Clintz
Or will exchange on Kerozinn Cr + 50,000 Clintz
Possible bargain


I buy all oxen 0xp 4100/e (4300 for 50 and more!)

directly in PS!


Vickie cr

Please use English on the EN message boards.

Interested in Sum Sam Cr?

Wow my guru cr is the number 231743... do you want it for an pther guru cr and 50k?

thursday 20/02/2014

Some of them are, i think 5


My Lyse Teria Cr and Marlysa Cr (0xp) for your DJ Korr Cr.

I´m selling flavio cr for 600k or trading it for blaaster cr + 520k, all negotiable

If you are interested, PM pls smiley

As my title says,trade done by secure trade.
Reine cr if full xp

I also got sledg 0xp for trade

Not interested in kawamashi cr thanks smiley

As a whole lot I value each card at roughly 37k

Do you need 0xp viecky cr

Will also trade a lv 5 Dalhia Cr (market price 73k) and a lv 2 Dalhia Cr (market price 84k) for a lady cr

Splata cr + 50k x dragan cr full?

wednesday 19/02/2014

Im also buying campbells at 8200 ach in my private sell please

I offer a lot of 95 Deea 0xp at 2.500 each one

- cash (237.500 clintz)
- Nahi Cr 145k
- Thaumaturge Cr 170k
- Dwain Cr 168k
- Selsya Cr 180k
- Miss Twice Cr 235k

Via secure trade.

Thanks!!!! smiley


i buy your butch 0xp from 835/head to be directly put in my private sale

thank you

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