monday 07/01

I have the Cannibal jo and Bmappe if you’re still open

Trade my lyse + 500k Clintz for DJ korr or guru

Pm me if interested

Have 0xp:

Vickie Cr
Tessa Cr
Flavio Cr
Smokey Mt
Nahi Cr
Chad Bread Cr
Mechakolos Cr
Bloodh Cr

Have full xp:

Dragan Mt
Chad Bread Cr
Cassio Cr
Diyo Cr
Dwain Cr
Geuner Cr
Jim Cr
Kreen Cr
Seldnor Cr
Thaumaturge Cr
Swidz Cr

I value my Crs at about 90% of the market price, also have clintz (I can add max 5kk to each offer)

For example Guru Cr for 5kk + Cr1 + Cr2 + Cr3 etc, make your offers! smiley OR PM me if it's easier smiley

I'm also willing to accept other cr then those who are metioned as long as kiki is 0exp. To sweet the deal i can put no love worth 1.7 into the deal

The value of the one of each card offert is around 2,51kk that with the 180k discount Will bring the price to 2,32kk smiley

Remember Just that i Will not sell them for clintz, looking for an exchange, cash is accepted only with cards smiley

Ooops, i menat my death adder + Koshiro + 15k lol

sunday 06/01

Update: Give 1.65M for Kenny Mt 0xp.

Oops Lyse Teria Cr is 0xp not Full

Hi everyone, as you can read from my post I'm selling my Dragan MT 0xp for 15M.
I accept in this trade every cr full xp (market price evaluation), big 5, and most importantly cash (at least 2M).
Contact me with a PM for more infos.

DJ Korr Cr Full xp 16M

Looking for:
Dregn Mt 575k
Ratanah Mt 580k
Spyke Mt 640k
Kenny Mt 1.4M
Dounia Mt 2.4M
Alec Mt 3.41M
Kerozinn Mt 6.75M

Buy 1 0xp NDololo Cr 3.5M Clintz in my ps

40 Dizzy Vulture, 14 000
65 Golrock, 16 000
5 Karrion, 90 000
300 Sopiket, 9 000
4 Bambino, 30 000

I accept (any XP):
Cassio Cr, 480 000
Geuner Cr, 550 000
Skullface Cr, 600 000
A Award Cr, 650 000
Thaumaturge Cr, 680 000
Nahi Cr, 950 000
Jim Cr, 950 000
Flavio Cr, 2 300 000
Rass Cr, 2 900 000
Vickie Cr, 3 800 000
NDololo Cr, 3 500 000


Update, ill buy him for 180k

saturday 05/01

Trade my : Flo Cr
Terry Cr
Chikko Cr
Lost Hog Cr
Bankee Cr
Dolly Cr
Toro Cr
Veenyle Cr
Sakura Cr
Zatman Cr

Trade for lots of cards from the following clans : Berzerker, Fang pi clan, freaks, jungo, la junta, raptors, rescue, riots, roots , sakrhom, sentinel, ulu watu. Pm me with offers!

-25 Nannah 0xp and 2 Nannah full xp (11k each in total gives 297k)

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