thursday 27/02/2014

No thanks i value general at 7,5M max

Hello to everybody i'm looking for the following cr:

NDololo Cr 500k
Flavio Cr 500k
Aldebaran Cr 500k
Shawoman Cr 700k

i offer $$CASH$$ for everyone, if you are interested send it/them in my private sale....eventually if you have other cr contact me, they will could interest me



- 440K
- 2x Noctezuma (0 exp)

and the deal will be done through secure exchange.


300-360 CTZ

wednesday 26/02/2014

I'm also looking for Cr's like Jackie Cr, Tanaereva Cr, etc, etc smiley

If you make me an offert with 100% clintz I send the cards by pv. If the deal it's with cards or cards + clintz it's by secure trade.

(And for the cards that I'm looking in 0xp, I can buy in my private sells, for the same prize that I gived)

I'm selling/trading my 0xp General Cr for 8mil clintz


For a General Cr full xp + 50k

I will also consider other offers with Crs involved too, just private message me.

Ok I'll sell them in private smiley contact me if you're interested in

Other Cards that I have to offer include: Dregn x2, Kalindra Cr, Robb Cr, Jane Ramba Cr, Kenny Cr, Marco Cr x2, X-0DUS x2, and Karrion.

New price for tameshi: 3000 clintz each


Vickie found:

Tessa Cr: 660 000 Clintz
Sigmund Cr: 490 000 Clintz

I'm buying 0xp
Kamekun at 1.6 k each
Betelgeuse at 5.2 k eac

Full xp for 37k put it in my ps and pm me

tuesday 25/02/2014

Hello, I would like to buy lots of Graven (0 exp) at 5,500 clintz a head. If you have 10 or more I will pay 5,750 a head. Thanks for your time!

I buy lots of
Smith 0xp 450/t
Blidgey 0xp 490/t

vp if cash es if you need cards

(sorry for the english

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