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wednesday 16/04/2014

Still searching smileysmileysmiley

I'm looking for Lyse Teria cr, 7M cash.

We can negociate in Pm.


Since the price may be too low, i'll be okay with any negotiation in the price

tuesday 15/04/2014

Fang Pi Clang
1x Ryuichi 0xp [9,2k]
1x Shifou 0xp [5,4k]
2x Tameshi 0xp [6,4k]
1x Sung Tsu 0xp [3,5k]
2x Macumba level 3 [6k]
4x Zhu Tang 0xp (1x full) [11,2k]
6x Kati [16,8k]
8x Linda (1x 0xp) [24k]
3x Rei 0xp [7,5k]
16x Xia Leming (3x 0xp) [20k]
29x Yumi (2x 0xp) [31,9k]
7x Sai San level 3 [7,7k]
Total - 149,600 clz

33x Crassus 0xp [297k]
2x Wolfgang [8,2k]
3x Cassandra [12k]
9x Pyro 0xp [24,3k]
96x Miss Ming [76,8k]
49x Igor [75,25k]
39x Maamoon (10x 0xp) [50,7k]
36x Vassili (7x 0xp) [45k]
Total - 589,250 clz

2x Brok 0xp [19k]
2x Ayah 0xp [17k]
6x Stompah (3x 0xp) [50,4k]
9x Haaken (6x 0xp) [36k]
2x Annuqa [1,6k]
205x Niqiloda [287k]
2x Windzy [2,7k]
Total - 413,700 clz

65x Methane (43x 0xp) [544,9k]
38x Hriger 0xp [205,2k]
9x Bristone [36k]
5x Gork [16,5k]
75x Dr Saw (25x 0xp) [110k]
34x Igniss (9x 0xp) [25,5k]
2x Erika [2,6k]
39x Vladimir (2x 0xp) [74,1k]
79x Dolly [39,5k]
27x Elke (5x 0xp) [24,3k]
Total - 1,078,600 clz

I sell 25x Muze 0xp
I value her at 4k / unit

Looking for cash, but also accepting playable Cr's
PM me if interested

Hey ill buy your Tessa for 810k

Im looking to buy Tessa Cr for 810k

I'm searching other cr, the price is about 150k (market price)
write me in private smiley

Hello ladies and gents of Clint City, I am purchasing any and all of your Leah Barduh 0xp for 21k a pop. However, of course, this is negotiable and if you happen to have a lot you're willing to part with, I'm sure I could give you a little extra somethin somethin (if ya catch my drift).


Try to buy at the market like me smiley
cheaper and faster smiley
nobody will sell you

1400 and close the deal.

Hello everybody

I am willing to give my 0xp guru cr estimated at 10M vs
-dj korr cr 10M OR
-kiki cr 10M

pm me if interested, we will use private sells and we will ask a mod to interceed if necessary smiley

I seek vickie cr + 800k ctz no less
if trade i will consider + 850k, vickie cr is a must
PM me

Looking to trade my: 5x Sylth Cr 0xp + 4x Noctezuma 0xp for your Sigmund Cr.

Also, would consider same offer trades towards Vickie Cr, Lamar Cr, Elya Cr, or Kerozinn Cr with me adding the difference in Clintz. PM or Post if interested. Thanks!

monday 14/04/2014

Gone already sorry smiley

If you pay with clintz:
- 60 Mefisto 0 xp 16750/t
if you pay with cards:
- 60 Mefisto 0 xp 17750/t

Contact me if you are interested

PM me, if you want my sweet 0xp Lyse Teria Cr smiley

PM if you're interessted in my Guru 0 xp.

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