friday 06/12/2013

I stimate charlie 0 exp 55k each..
I search cash and cr
Thank you

And levi no thanks

55k to high for zuma's

thursday 05/12/2013

Sold marlysa Cr and lyse teria Cr smiley


I've got Lyse Teria Cr and I want to sell it for 6 300 000 clintz. We may negotiate the offer.
Pleas contact me in pravite messages.

Best regards!

Srry i,m not interested on kiki cr smiley


I wanna sell my smokey cr 0xp for 63k

Private sale


Why would anyone be interested.?
they're practically worth the same amount

As the title says Noctezuma full xp and Jane ramba Cr for your Kalindra Cr
PM me if interested...........
thanks mods.

Please specify how much you want to sell her for and also what cards you want in return smiley

5x mechakolos full xp @ 29000 each.......
price is negotiable........

PM me please or can leave your message here also smiley

@ 0_jess c wing not interest me
@ levi, i prefer cr or cash noctezuma is not my priority sorry

Here is the list of the cards that im looking for:

Numar : 5 Kawamashi Cr 0xp
Mechakolos: 4 Kawamashi Cr 0xp
El Divino: 3 Kawamashi Cr 0xp + 3000 clintz

any change will be made by protected Exchange, those who are not interested in the process do not disturb, if you want to write down you can but without disrespect or criticize the post.


J'aimerais mettre en vente 150 C Wing (52 0xp, 98 full xp) à un prix de départ de 7k.

Je suis intéressé par :
Tana Cr - 235k / 240k
Jackie Cr 165k / 170k
Caelus Cr 135/140k
Blaaster Cr 98k/ 105k
Kalindra Cr 98k/105k
Ongh 50k/52k
Noctezuma 45/47k
Dregn 42/45k
Dorian 16k/17k
cash (2.5%)

Tous les échanges seront faits par échanges sécurisés.
La date de fin sera lundi 09/12/2013 à 5h (Paris).

contact him bro

wednesday 04/12/2013

Salut a tous,

Bon, j'aimerais echange mon mini lot pour Tessa Cr 0xp

Les lots sont;
XU52 x 25 0xp 12k/tete = 300k
Noctezuma 0xp x 6 50k/tete = 300k
Kolos 0xp x3 40k/tete = 120k

En vente également.
Moyen de transaction par E S.
Merci. smiley

Hello all,

i'd like to exchange my mini lots for her(Tessa Cr 0xp)

List of lots;
XU52 x 25 0xp 12k/tete = 300k
Noctezuma 0xp x 6 50k/tete = 300k
Kolos 0xp x3 40k/tete = 120k

Lots can also be sold for whomever is interested.
Thank you. smiley

I want to have a General,i can offer Lyse teria cr + other crs
if you are interested send me a message

Hello people sell these 2 big 5

1 dj korr cr full : 8.4M in cash


1 general cr full : 7.6M in cash

sell by private sale

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