sunday 08/12/2013


I'm looking for some one to do the following trade:

My Vickie Cr 0xp + Kalindra Cr 0xp vs your Tessa Cr 0xp ?

pls contact me

C Wing for the link

Fail Donald smiley

Link to french forum

Selling a fully xp ombre cr for 259000 clintz.

Already sold.

thank you. smiley

Hello to everybody i sell or trade lyse teria cr 0exp (6M)

i accept:
cr playables like Jackie Cr 165k, Splata Cr 640k, Kerozinn Cr 520k etc etc

i'm not interested to lots of normal cards,

i trade with secure trade , if you are interested contact me


saturday 07/12/2013

Selling dwain cr full xp 170k value

looking for every offer pm for contact

Hi, I sell vickie cr full for 560k in vp or I trade her for 580k, I'm looking for little playable crs and cash.
Offer by pm.


May we know the price? smiley

Hello everyone!
am selling Chiro, Trish y Thormund and for the price of 9400 Clintz
I'm willing to trade through Private Sale (VP) / Secure Trade (ES).

Hello, I'm interested !

Your Vickie is 0xp ? Because my Splata Cr is full xp. smiley

Looking for 1x full xp Yayoi, paying 20k. If interested please send private sale. Thanks.

friday 06/12/2013

Trade done

Thanks mod's smiley

Willing to trade for 53 x 0xp Dr Falkenstein

Message me if you are interested. smiley

Hi , 7 rolph 0xp for 9k/Head in Es or 9,5k/Head in vp , pm me for more information smileysmiley

Hi! I sell 12 Fanny for 3k2/head, not negociable, all cash.

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