tuesday 04/02/2014


I trade my tessa cr 0xp vs 150 ielena 0xp!

Échange via secure trade.

Thank you.

Still looking for offers on

3 0xp dalhia cr

2 0xp jackie cr

60 0xp mechakolos


Trade my dragan cr Full Xp ( 713.000 clintz )

I'm looking for:

Vickie Cr Full Xp 530.000 Clintz
Jackie Cr Full Xp 162.000 Clintz
Caelus Cr Full Xp 129.000 Clintz
Blaaster Cr Full Xp 95.000 Clintz

Thanks Staff

Someone buy them from market sorry people
close the topic pls smiley

It's ok

0xp for 650 each or a trade for another card

Hello, im looking to sell or trade my 3 vickie cr

1 is 0xp other 2 are full

i value my 0xp at 565k and my full xp at 555k but it is negotiable for clintz to a point... i will take off maybe 10-15k tops

cards im looking for include playable cr cards but will also consider lots of old staples (for the right price.. i dont accept jacked up prices for big lots)

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Page Cr has already been sold. Sorry to those who wanted it

monday 03/02/2014

I would like to buy 4 x Edd Cr (22,5k each -> 90k) and 3 x Veenyle Cr (36k each -> 108k) I have many cards to trade, push me with your offer.

Cheater smiley

and fail smiley

The auction is over right?

Got kerozinn Cr , close smiley

My miss twice cr 0xp for your miss twice cr full + comp.

Compliment negotiable smiley via pm or here.

Hi, i'm looking to trade my;
0xp michael
0xp hemdall

Full xp michael + 3 k compliment
Full xp hemdall + 3 k compliment


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