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friday 29/08/2014

I find my 10.000 cards, i close this topic

thursday 28/08/2014

Since prices are changing by the hour I offer a trade for whatever the minimum market is at the given moment. Remember, I offer good playable cards smiley

+5 keep um coming.

I have 90k for a Smokey Cr. Put it in my PS please

He will be a collector card, which can not be obtained from the shop. Cr cards can only be bought from the market or won from Elo/Daily Tournaments, events etc.

If you had two dounia I propose you Tanaereva cr + cash. If you have only one your dounia+cash vs my tanaereva

Hello to everybody i trade my flavio cr (800k)+50k with cards for ndololo cr 850k

if you are interested contact me


Buy Jackie Cr

my offer:

140k + Mona



I want trade my Dounia full xp vs your's 0 xp
I can add something
PM me if interested

100 wonder lana 0xp 410k cash

To be exact, i want 4 Dounia any xp +100k for my Lamar cr

Looking for Curlix, will be willing to negotiate the price, but I only offer cards

I want Kerozinn Cr + 120k
Pm me if interested. Thanks

Im trading my 0xp Dounia for
all the bangers

or good playable cards from
bangers and nightmare...thanks

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