wednesday 02/01

Man this aint the place for that

tuesday 01/01

As title...please put 1 Death Adder in my private sale if you interested in 1 Maana Cercei + 1 Quetzal CR

I evaluate your No Love at 2.2M, and I can offer any cards worthy of 2.2M, PM if you are interested in card exchange.

Oh, damn. I'm sorry. Yeah, 1.900.000

Sold, thank you!

Trade done, closed

Arcade LD cannot be caught by the weekly ld missions now...

monday 31/12/2018

65 Fullxp - 180k ea
164 0xp - 185k ea
Pm me if interested or for negotiations
I accept payment in cash

I add 100k to my offer.

sunday 30/12/2018

Want to buy

1 Dregn Mt full xp
1 Spyke Mt full xp

580k for each

i want to trade 1 Cannibal Jo Cr 0xp i evaluated in 11.300.000
i looking for
-Death Adder (1.480.000) + clintz
-No Love(2.600.000) +Clintz
These are my two cards of interest, but others can be offered.

saturday 29/12/2018

I'd like to sell my Jim Cr for around 1m value worth in clintz and useable crs/mts

if anyone has any offers, i'm willing to negotiate

I trade 1 Cardigan 0xp + 1 Aegis 0xp + 1 Dookor 0xp + 1 Earl 0xp + 1 Ymirah Cr +100k clintz for Miss Twice Cr

The is no longer availablesmiley

Trade completed succesfully. You can close the post smiley

Searching for Grubers 0xp - 65k
Missandei 0xp - 58k
Put in private sale I buy all smiley

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