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friday 13/06/2014

Also interested in Tanavera 300k each

I want to sell my Sentinel to make me a better deck with another clan:
Flinch: 580 clintz
Harvey: 2200 clintz
Martha: 1600 clintz
Miranda: 1600 clintz
Owen: 3600 clintz
or can be changed by
price negotiable

1 jackie 0 exp and 2 kenny cr smiley

I'd like to trade my
135 Graksmxxt - 129 0xp and 6 full

for a DJ Korr Cr

Contact me in pm if you are interested, thanks.

Put directly into my private sales please and I will buy, I can go up a little for lots.

Crazy Carlo 0 xp 15000 each
Magnar 0 xp 3800 each

Selling 470x Taljion starting price 2800 clints for each selling in big numbers not small ones

Thanks cyber.

they are all gone.

Reopening as one lot. Lol

Got him thanks to Ark smiley

170 oxo:
122 full xp
48 0xp

520 doug snop:
51 full xp
469 0 xp

1850 rahanpah:
900 full xp
950 0xp

thursday 12/06/2014

Ma carte 0XP:

Aldebaran Cr,
Armanda Cr,
Berserkgirl Cr,
Blaaster Cr,
Cassio Cr,
Marlysa Cr,
Diyo Cr
Dragan Cr,
Geuner Cr,
guru cr,
Jim Cr,
Reine Cr,
Shawoman Cr,
Scarlett Cr x2,
Veenyle Cr.

PM me avec des offres smiley
(I don`t speak french - sorry if I made mistake in this subject)

Change my Sylth Cr 0 xp (53 K)
Dagg 0 xp (22k)
and complement

for your

Emeth Cr

Everything is conversable

Selling 80 drorb full exp for 580 clintz per head
pm for fast response

Still looking

For you my friend it is 15ksmiley

Hey everyone,

I want to sell my: Copernica 0xp 42k and Gradymag (65x) Full 1,200 each.

Thank You! smiley

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