sunday 26/01/2014

Yes, you really need these 15k to your half billion collection smiley

saturday 25/01/2014

Lol he's not getting it

Im selling for 5500 or above negotiabatible

I have 248 cards. For 260 each ?

Please specify exactly what cards you have to offer smiley

Hello all,

Looking to trade for a Diyo Cr 0xp 90k

Proposing these;
Ghumbo 0xp x3 16k/tete ( 48k )
Shann 0xp 18k
Betelgeuse 0xp x3 5k/tete ( 15k )
+ 9k clintz
Total = 90k

Through S E.
Thank you.


I sell my 31 curlix 0 xp in private sales at 11 k each !

New day for this sell/trade.

I'm closing the topic this night.

Wait... so you are offering the card... 50K under market value?..

People this is a BRILLIANT bargain!!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Selling a Jackie CR for 155k
PM me

Still looking for x2 Uranus 0xp

Hi, i sell 28 page cr 0 xp at 75 k / each in private sales .

You can take 1,2,3 page cr or all . You do what you want smiley

friday 24/01/2014

Nobody is interested to ambrose cr?

I want your Lizbeth. I have 5x Clara and 5x Tshern plus 30 000 ctz to trade

Sorry, Both cards done, I'll close later.

Friendly tip, be subscribed to this thread. Next time I make another one, I'll post the link here so everyone who has subscribed gets notified by pm smiley

Hi I'm looking to trade my Guru Cr full xp I am mainly looking for playable crs


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