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friday 20/06/2014

Willing to sell/trade these separately, or as a whole. Doesn't matter, as long as the offer is worth considering.
Below is a list of CRs I might be interested in, as well:

Smokey Cr;
Dalhia Cr;
Alec Cr;
Lamar Cr;
Kerozinn Cr;
Vickie Cr;
Tessa Cr;
Splata Cr.

Sell 100 Mikaal 0xp 4400ctz each
Pm me if interested

Want to buy all reeplay for 1100C

peace! smiley

hot 40 messages

Keep on bidding my friends. smiley

Up up up

I am looking to trade Uranus 0xp for Crs/Cash

Uranus 0xp 27000 per

I am selling as one lot.

Tanner lot is sold smiley
If you take all nympheea and kawan lots , i give you 5 corrina for free smiley

Ps. Nympheea and kawan Cards are full xp

Noctezuma gone, don't need Chiara Cr anymore

thursday 19/06/2014

No curlix will rise anyway


I sell :

¤ 30 Mantiz 0 xP : 950 clintz / tête
¤ 29 Yodd 0 xP : 2 000 clintz / tête
¤ 28 Nathan 0 xP : 950 clintz / tête
¤ 19 Flinch 0 xP : 450 clintz / tête

Yes M40 i don't want 150 smiley


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