wednesday 25/12/2013

Enjoy with guru my friend !! smiley

I offer 60 caelus 0 exp + small comp for a korr fuill xp if interested pm me smiley

Acquired smiley Thank you.

52 0 exp and the rest are full
6k a head for the 0 exp and 5.5k a head for the full xp
lots will be sold in no less the 50
I am interested in
caelus cr 120k
Jackie cr 180k
tanaerava cr 230k
and blaaster cr 100k
prices may change pm for negotiations smiley

tuesday 24/12/2013

You're offering inplayable Cr's for one playable Cr, would be hard to you lol

What aboutt 14 perle 0xp

I buy all yours Jeena Oxp for 4400clintz/each by Private Sells smiley

Thank you my friends smiley

Got 54 perle 0 xp and change 40of them for 14 raven0xp

What would u give for a blaster cr??

Dragan is not a cr card yet

I want kalindra jackie caelus got cash to for cards like viecky and splata and lamar cr
just pm me if you need them and got cards in a valuue oft 250k-300k

I have 140 Wonder Lana 0 xp.
I am selling it at 2.1k per head.

Mode of transaction: Secure trade.

Hello all,
would like to trade the following lots for a Lamar Cr 0xp

Kolos x3 0xp + Dregn x1 0xp 41k/ each ( 164k )
Mona 0xp 35k x6 ( 210k )
+ 176k
Total = 550k

Lamar Cr = 550k

Through S E
Thank you. smiley

I am buying either Guru Cr or Kiki Cr for 7million clints

Pm me if you are interested in selling.


For the entire collection 430000-450000 clintz,

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