wednesday 29/01/2014

I am offering DJ Korr cr, Kiki cr for nabrissa 0xp packs.
Also selling DJ korr cr and Kiki cr message me your offers.
Also buying nabrissa 0xp for clintz or tradeing for other cr's (for more information about the other cr's i can trade message me what u are interested in)

I value: DJ korr cr at 7.900.000
Kiki cr at 7.700.000

I offer 9000 per piece of Nabrissa 0xp if pack larger then 100
8500 per piece of Nabrissa 0xp if pack larger then 25
8300 per piece of Nabrissa 0xp in private trade

Hi guys,

I want to trade my 0xp: Splata Cr and kerozinn cr for full + 20k smiley

PM me smiley

Good Luck =)

Sorry Tanaereva Cr for the link

Hi ! I sell this !

Lot 1 =► 100 La Calavera 0xP [ 4200 têtes ]
Lot 2 =► 100 Tabasco Fire 0xP [ 4000 têtes ]

Hi, I'm a french player and I'm looking for these cards:

all your 2* 0 xp for 195/head (205/h for 50+)

direct in my PS.

thx a lotsmiley
good game

I offer a lot of 54 Leader 4* at 950 each one (51.300 clintz)

- 1 Bridget 4*
- 4 Hugo 4*
- 7 Timber 4*
- 42 Vansaar 4*

Only cash by secure trade

Thanks smiley

I need one ill give someone four tuck 0xp for one curlix.

hopefully this wont take long.

thanks everyone

Hello, and like the title says, I am looking to trade for a Kerozinn Cr (full). Here is what I have to offer:

- 1x Lamar Cr (full)
- 2x Mokra (0 exp)
- 2,000 clintz

Contact me if you are interested, and pm for faster response.

Agh totally messed this up. I mean this is a trade, not a buy

Each one would be worth 1500 clintz and I would need 63 copies if your still willing

tuesday 28/01/2014

Hi ! I sell this ! PM open if you want smiley

Lot 1 =► 72 Jautya 0 xP [ 4600 têtes ! ]
Lot 2 =► 60 Kobalth 0 xP [ 1300 têtes ]
Lot 3 =► 13 Moses 0 xP [ 3600 têtes ]


i will trade my Tessa Cr for your Kerozinn Cr + clintz or cards of Fang pi clan smiley (100-90k)

If you are interesting, please PM me smiley


Im trading my kolos for the ff:

Chiara Cr
Corvus + 1k

pm if intereseted

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