friday 08/11/2013

Afternoon guys i have a blaster Cr value 112k in clints for trades ..
in looking for card lots or cards plus clints pm me
thanks for your cooperation mods

Done , thanks everybody for your kind attention

I close this .

Done, you can close this smiley

I forgot to say that I want the 2 emeth cr XDDD

2 x Mechakolos 0xp 25000 each
1 x Edd Cr 0xp 25500
1 x Rhed Cr 12000
3 x Kenny Cr 0xp 63500 each
3 x Charlie 0xp 48000 each
1 x Yayoi 0xp 23000
1 x Copper 0xp 36000
2 x Romana 0xp 16000 each


I'm trading my Full XP CElus Cr (130K) for the following:
Dalhia Cr (70K)
Hawkins (9.5K)
Amiral Coco (6K)
X-0DUS (28K)
T Gaank (4K)
+ any card worth 8K or 8K Clintz
Total of 125K

PM me, may consider straight up Clintz, prices are always negotiable.

Thanks mods, as always, for posting. smiley

Interested in bulk non cr's like dorian Uranus graks leviatonn ?
my offer would contain
135 0 exp dorian
12 0 exp caelus
20 0 exp cortez
20 0 exp Uranus
6 kreen cr 0 exp
12 sylth cr 0 exp
and some other lots/cr's

thursday 07/11/2013

Willing to trade Devil Dog for Jackie Cr 0xp 160k + 60k clintz. smiley

I sell them for 11,5k each in mp...thank you smiley

Yes of course mini-me smiley

Change my Jackie Cr by Caelus Cr + Complement.

Sold. thx smiley

Hi bros , im trading 2 Kennys Cr 0xp + 2 Emeths Cr 0xp for cards on development (5*) [Belladone, Vanish, Sliman, Hendz etc...] Pm me smiley

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy your Lamar Cr
I offer 300k,1x Caelus Cr and cards you want

Can you put the value of the cards you are offering?

For dwain cr full xp

but if you have other offers, pm me

Only one left now is Herman for 7500 clintz

Buying any and all 0xp leviatonn for 16000 clintz each. (must be 0xp)

Just put them in my private sales, i check them a couple of times a day.

Thankyou in advance, to all you brave souls out there lending me a hand to reach my leviatonn goal smiley

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