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saturday 29/12/2012

Looking for an elo active guild, with good rewards? idk just want something active

friday 28/12/2012

If you like the show, if you want to talk about the show, if you dont want people to judge you cause you watch the show. Then this guild is for you. We are applying people to join the Bronies and we are very helpful to give tips on deck making.(of our points on the decks)

For more info pm me.


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Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley


thursday 27/12/2012

smiley ++WELCOME++ smiley guild:1880703

Join the Hall of Dub today! Information is listed in the guild. Level 10+ and up, Everyone is welcome at the Hall of Dub! Learn strategies and eventually fun events that will benefit all. Nothing but the best in this new hit guild. We will dominate the UR world. MEMBERS MUST BE ACTIVE! So Join up! Questions?
Just ask below!!! Thanks!smiley
v guild:1880703

Elite guild on the rise, looking for serious fighters to level this young guild
to the max, right now the only benefits is what you earn on the battle field.
bonuses will come later by staying active. level 5 & up are welcome. with
a game room & private forum at your disposal, should make learning the
art of war easy & fun.. join now & lets get this party started!!!


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tuesday 25/12/2012

Harbingers of Ares, the one guild you can never leave after you join. smiley

monday 24/12/2012

We are official we got 5

Nice, join LEGENDZ as its a recently started guild, i re-joined urban rivals 2.5 weeks ago as well, where looking for people like u to join

sunday 23/12/2012

@jamox360 you get special bonuses such as clintz 20%+ or battle points 20%+

We'll become the first champions in all categories.
We are an international guild,with players from UK,italy,US and much more.
Just ask if you think you have the makings of a true and winning champion. smiley
If you want to become champion, just ask in this guild grow together, all together, and we get more and more upward to become the best there is on Urban Rivals.
Our key word and word of honor is "WE CAN,ALL TOGETHER". : D

The requirements to enter are the following:

- Knowledge and use of the English language;
- Level minimum is ( 20 );
- Education;
- Sportsmanship;
- Want to have fun and Want to reach the champions top in all categories:
These are Elo , Tourney , Survivor Elo , Survivor Extended and Deathmatch smiley

If you are interested in taking a look at our Guild, the link is:


Please, we want serious people available who wants to fight to reach the "top" of European and world rankings of Urban Rivals, we will have fun together, winning though! : D

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saturday 22/12/2012

I have created a new guild and am searching for new members. There is currently no level requirement and I will be looking to promote members to admins quickly if you can prove yourself as a quality member and bring other good members to the guild.

Whether you are a new player or a veteran, we are looking for everyone with a good attitude, who is looking to improve their skills, make new friends, and join a fun community.


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thursday 20/12/2012

smiley If you dont think your a Legend, your looking in the wrong place smiley
LEGENDZ is a new created guild that is looking for people like you that want to join guilds. We dont mind what lvl you are, all we ask for is to be apart of the guild smiley
Join LEGENDZ by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking "JOIN THIS GUILD"


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I'm looking for a guild that can help me on the subject of trading on the market to make profit.
e.g. which cards to buy and when to sell them.
I am usually active on the message board, and am never shy to help someone if needed.

Please join guild:1877182
Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=1877182

wednesday 19/12/2012

Party gamer we accept all players with at least level 15 to become a greater guild.We will help you grow and we will give you chances to win cards and clintz and credits.Lets be a family and become friends in a game of great fun and strategy.http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=1872777
PS: We need admins!!smiley

my guild is recruiting,
Level minimum is 40
Have got minimum 90% fair-play ,
Have got DP in your pseudo and have got a New Zealand flag ,
Recruitment : ★ On ★
visit : ★ On ★,
Le paradis des démons ©

Thank you


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Good luck!

tuesday 18/12/2012

Join guild:1876174 at:

We're level 12 now, and we finally have a 5% cut on Kate's taxes, plus a whole bunch of other great guild bonuses. We also have a ton of friendly, new members. Join now, and become part of our family! smiley

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