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wednesday 06/02/2019

I will add in Dr. Six and Nereus to balance the trade along with Cassio Cr for Crook

tuesday 05/02/2019

monday 04/02/2019

I trade Marlysa Cr full 3.6 mil plus one million clintz for Nemo Mt any xp 4.3 mil

Pm me works best

Selling for 1M clintz

Yeah unfortunately that is not allowed if youd like to donate your cards those to new or active players go for it smiley

sunday 03/02/2019

Anybody have any extra huracan sold all mine a while ago but would like to try el exotico wanna buy or trade for a deck including noctezuma and quetzal let me know what cards and the value and we can make a deal

I will also accept your Jigi at 5000


Schwarz 0xp

Ghumbo 0xp

Missandei 0xp

Djet 0xp

Behemoth 0xp

C Wing full xp

Tekumman full xp

#Valhala 0xp x4

I am still buying so if interessted please send me a message, thanks.

saturday 02/02/2019

Still got a few more!

Jeena: Sold
Ackh: Sold
Hawk: Sold
Omega Dregn: Sold

Up one last time before closing subject.

Adding another 5 cards,trade 70xVictor Van Dort 0xp for No Love 0xp

friday 01/02/2019

3 messages

Just_commons: it's okay, don't get all worked up about it, i'm not forcing anyone to sell at that price for me, i only gave my budget price, if it's okay with them... good
if not, still good, so it's all good, okay

Homie jesus: "Alluka(dope name by the way!)" thank you smiley

Sold all the cards, thanks to everyone who was interested. smiley

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