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saturday 01/03/2014

Push smiley
i add 1k scooty (300k)

80x Tremorh gone

3500 each in ps smiley

9x Noctezuma 0xp for my 9x Ongh 0xp?

Looks like my PM was sent unreplied. Good luck smiley

I am selling sigmund cr for 600k clintz or equlvalent in cards

9 rass 0xp
and 1 rass full

20k or shann/duke full for them all!

Looking to trade my Kolos for Numar and Yoshida or Kuei please message me if interested!

Jokes man, learn the rules IL TRIVELLA

Hi everyone ,

Devil Dog 0xp : 9 750/each.
In my private sales.

PM for info and big lots.

friday 28/02/2014

Lol someone got it thanks

New prizes:
- Dj Korr Cr: 7.9M
- Kiki Cr: 7.7M
- Guru Cr: 7.7M

I trade my lot of 200 el divino 0xp (32k each).

I look for the following (any xp):

Vermaire (13k each)

oxo (1,7k each)

tameshi (3,1k each)


Also looking for Spyke's
full xp: 23k
0xp: 26.5k

11k per head in private sale. I only need 15. If you have more though, feel free to PM me after selling me 15. smiley

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