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sunday 21/06/2015

Finally got all 25 smiley
Thanks to Levi and UR market smiley

150 graksmxxT 0xp
PDD: 70k/t

Looking for:
lyse teria cr 5m
dj korr cr 8m
guru cr 8,5m
Marlysa cr 1,5m
Vickie cr 0xp 630k
jackie cr 0xp 230k

Still looking!

A Award Cr full (300k) Ambrose Cr full (490k) Berserkgirl Cr 0exp (830k) Dounia Crfull (250k) Dwain Cr full (300k) Elya Cr full (700k) Manon Cr full (970k)Melissa Cr 0exp (460k) Miss Twice Cr full (400k)Nahi Cr full (300k) Ombre Cr full (270k)Reine Cr full (450k) Sum Sam Cr full (1.3m) Swidz Cr full (205k)Thaumaturge Cr full (260k)

156x Oyoh 0exp (5.8k/each)


Me dj korr cr full Estime : 8.5M

Aceppte :

Cassio Cr : 110k
smokey cr : 120k
Dalhia Cr : 150k
Blaaster Cr : 170k
Caelus Cr : 205k
Kalindra Cr : 210k
Jackie Cr : 220k
Dounia Cr : 240k
Alec Cr : 245k
Beltran Cr : 300k
Jim Cr : 325k
Miss Twice Cr : 390k
vickie cr : 620k
Berserkgirl Cr : 730k
splata cr : 920k
Lamar Cr : 930k
Tessa Cr : 965k
Shawoman Cr : 850k
scarlett cr : 1.2M50k
Marlysa Cr : 1.5M
armanda cr : 1.5M

Pour Vp

saturday 20/06/2015

As the title says i would like to trade my Copper Cr 0 xp for Emeth Cr. PM me

22k p/u
interested in kinichaw cr dagg cr and rowdy cr


I buy every Koshiro 0 xp for 14k each. Just put it in my private sale or write me apm.

I'm intrested in the followin cards:

Splata Cr: 850k
Kerozin Cr: 750k
Tessa Cr: 900k
Miss Twice Cr: 360k

Just one copy of each card. Please contact by pm.

Very cheap for Kinichaw cr 0xp. You would've easily sold it for 900k in the French forum

These types of post are not allowed on sales and business forums,i am closing this. read rules and regulations please

I have many cards of this type, just look to my current sales or tell me what are you interested in smiley

Put all Erika in my ps please, many thanks. 3k each smiley

Sold. I still have some full xp left. PM me if you're interested.

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