thursday 09/01/2014

Both characters still for sale, pm me if you're interested.

You can't sell pfull on the thread

Oh, I am after Rescue cards. As well as any missing Pirhannas and Montana.

He made ​​a mistake
he wants to sell his dragan smiley

And the thread is


Already 40 of found

Beating me to it like a pro mod smiley

I think your estimation might be low

Prices would be nice

Hello everyone!
Im selling Dragan Cr for 800k, or 750k and 1 cooper and 1boris

Please specify which cards you want in return smiley

wednesday 08/01/2014

Already bought smiley

Hi, i have for sale 73 yoshida 0 xp.
1 yoshida = 7,5k
I can also trade 1 yoshida for 1 campbell and 2k.
Go with offers!!!

Have enough of each now.

Thanks to those who sold smiley

Blaaster Cr - 105,000

El divino 0exp - 19,000
Kinichaw 0exp- 9,500
kamekun 0exp - 1,200

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