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tuesday 25/02/2014

Selling a Ongh 0xp for a Ongh full xp plus 5k

monday 24/02/2014

Only for nocteuma? i search dregn my offer is 51k smiley

If your offers were serious then you'd have these Crs already smiley

Wrong section.

Buy :

- Campbell 0 exp (8 k)
- Graven 0 exp (5 k)

Contact me (private message)

Looking forward to buy :
Kerozinn cr : 500 k
Marlysa cr : 1000 k
Only clintz. If interested PV or PM.



I want to trade
parmabarb hula madelone quaischoco hemdal praxie redra Milton plunk scubb Hawkins raeth tyd shazam bogdan for:

Frankie hi wendel Jose star lady ongh scopia nyema jean full xp

Pm me if interested

I got more Campbell smiley
I have 5 full xp (8k) and one semievo (pfull)8.2k

Not interested in any of those mentioned. I am interested in almost any deals that are win-win for both parties.

Just a rough idea what I've bought...

So far, I have bought 1k Treeman. Still thinking if I'll be buying more.
I have bought Hindelga as well. Might be looking for more, depending on how many you have.

*sigh, I meant a combination of the above...

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.
Also write which cards you would accept in return

What I got: Angie, Fixit, Lennox, Willy, Crassus, Oren, Sah Brinak, Thorpah, Devil Dog, Beauregard, Peeler, Perle, Arnie, Vermaire(2), Mefisto, Campbell(2), Hax, Lea, Reeve, Tina, Palmer, Sammy, Aylen, Michael, Oxen, Zoid

What Im looking for: Alexei, Stacey, Lola, Revok, Lear Barduh, Donnie, El Matador, Lobezna, Stompah, Windzy, Annuqa, Haaken, Rad, Jane Ramba Cr, Trish, Sabia, Clover, Muze, Nabrissa, Tuck, Ratanah, Yookie, Uranus, Jay, Rubie, Dorian, Frankie Hi, Glenn, Rei, Yoshida, Zinfrid, Troompah, Pegh

sunday 23/02/2014

Looking for B Bazookas for 3000 per

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