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thursday 08/05/2014

My Kenny CR 0xp for:

Juicy Lord

Message me, great deal.

I wanna to sell these following cards:
C Beast 4500ctz
C Wing 6305ctz
Cyb Lhia 4448ctz
Dagg 20477ctz
Dregn 60000ctz
Heegrn Cr 14993ctz
Naele 8310ctz
Oflgn 5300ctz
T Gaank 4000ctz
Vektor 4476ctz
X-0DUS 32000ctz
Deea 2110ctz
Krung 2190ctz
Sekutor 2600ctz
Who interested,PM at me but I sale in the market.

And there gone...

I buy

Stella x1 5.6k
Jautya x1 4.6k
Oxo x1 1.7k

Curlix x1 11k

I'll pay 24k for all

wednesday 07/05/2014

Copper cr
blaaster cr 0xp


Marlysa Cr for reference

Are you interested on a Marlysa Cr 0xp for your Marlysa full + complement?


I would like to sell two small lots :

25 Jay 0xp
→ 26k/u

51 Arno 0xp
→ 13k/u

All by private sell and the prices are negotiable by private message

Thanks and good game to all !

Hi everybody
I m lookin for some cortez Oxp
Here is the deal :
Cortez Oxp (you) Vs 10 jakson Oxp (7k/h) so 70k for cortez Oxp
Trade possible many times
Thanks to all

You would think it clearly states general in the title

I'm looking for tan man, blaaster and jackie

Sory but when i was cancelling, they were over

tuesday 06/05/2014

Chiara CR: I will sell 500 clintz cheaper than the lowest offer on market.
Veenyle Cr: I will sell 500 clintz cheaper than the lowest offer on market.

Selling Blaaster CR 111k

Hello to everybody i sell or trade my guru Cr that i value 10.5M

i'm interested to:

cash 5M min
cr playables like Kalindra Cr 160k, Caelus Cr 165k etc etc
i'm not interested to bulks of normal cards

if you are interested contact me


I don't need :
►Dragan Cr [880k]

I have for trade cards :
⋆33x Crassus 0xp [8,5k]
⋆15x Bryan 0xp [8,5k]
⋆7x Gertrud 0xp [7k]
⋆47x Greow [5k]
⋆69x Wonder Lana [4k]
⋆Noctezuma 0xp [85k]
etc... (check my current sales)

I have for trade collectors :
⋆⋆Geuner Cr 0xp [90k]
⋆⋆Seldnor Cr [93k]
⋆⋆Cassio Cr [94k]
⋆⋆Diyo Cr 0xp [95k]
⋆⋆Blaaster Cr [115k]
⋆⋆Skullface Cr 0xp [230k]
⋆⋆Jim Cr 220 xp [240k]
⋆⋆2x Miss Twice Cr 0xp [280k]
⋆⋆Reine Cr 0xp [330k]
⋆⋆NDololo Cr [950k]
⋆⋆Flavio Cr [990k]

Old cards :
☮Chikko Cr 0xp - No. #2170 [your evaluation]
☮Chikko Cr 0xp - No. #20501 [your evaluation]

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