monday 20/01/2014

Whoops sorry forgot tag

Looking for a kalindra cr i have multiple yayoi full and 0xp also have a 0xp kolos, 2 oraya numar etc message if interested

Im looking for only one of each card

You want all of them for blaaster cr?

Vickie Cr + 200k
Tessa Cr + 70k
Cash (Offers)
Other cards :3

Lot 1: Nightmare + gheist
Kolos - 42k
Ghumbo - 13k
Toro 0xp - 19k
Leviatonn - 18k

Total 93k

Lot 2 - randoms
Louise - 10k
Hammer - 14 k
Dagg - 18k

Total : 42 k

Lot 3 : sentinel
X2 Melvin - 11k each
Jackson 0xp- 5k
Havok 0xp- 5k
Chloe 0xp- 3k
Coby 0xp- 19k

Total: 55k

Not accepting lots , no single offer can be bid against multiple lots.
The auction starts today and ends Friday January 24th 12pm

Thanks for stopping by smiley

sunday 19/01/2014

Or just message a moderator to clear your Player Cache if you still don't get it in a long time.

I'm looking for a charlie any xp i have a few oxp yayoi louise and many other pcats aswell as other clans just message me if interested

I am looking to trade my
Full graksmxxt + chlora for your 0xp graksmxxt
My kolos + Angie for 2 0xp Uranus

Pm me if interested

Thank you. Deal done.

I trade my Mona for your Striker.

Or i am selling her for 25k.

saturday 18/01/2014

Congrats on Divinity Olaf smiley


I search a maximum of ielena 0xp!

I buy 3300clintzs for each ielena in ps.
for a big lot,contact me!

Thank you!

177kfor my 30x Grudj ?

I'm trading my rass cr to any 500 worth of cards + 260,000 clints.. pm me if you are interested.. any transaction is negotiable..

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