wednesday 30/10/2013

Change my Tanaereva cr, I look for Jackie cr,Dorian,Zatman,Graks and what remains you add the remainder you.

Trading my 0xp kenny for any xp robb

Also I'm just looking for 1 of each full xp but will by a 0xp one aswell if the price is right. smiley

tuesday 29/10/2013

My offer
Charlie 0xp
Cortez 0xp

Kalindra Cr any xp

650 for each one. Just put into my Private Market.

Big5 have been traded, i close the topic , thanks

Push smiley

Looking for manon cr, no more than 1300K, if interesting plz PM me.(include your sell price).


Emeth Cr (41500) for exchange or sell
pm offer
will use the secure exchange feature
Thanks for reading

I sell/trade 180 stompah 0xp for 6300 clintz/each

I await offers

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monday 28/10/2013

Yayoi 23 000 Clintz/t.*

Jeena found.
I buy also:
3 Bristone 4 000 Clintz/t.

I am trading:
Jackie cr full
Alec cr full
2 charlies full
dalhia cr full

i am looking for daggs. we can try to put together trades for your daggs for my cards.

Hi guys i want to sell my Kiki Cr 0xp

I`d value him at 8M in a trade for playable Cr`s
cards like Marlysa Cr (max 1) - 1.23M
Dragan Cr (max 1) - 0.73M
Splata Cr (max 1) - 0.66M
Kerozinn Cr (max 1) - 0.62M
Vickie Cr (max 1) 0.51M
Tanaereva Cr (max 1) 0.26M
Jackie Cr - 0.15M
Caelus Cr - 0.15M
Blaaster Cr 0.12M
also some lots of normal cards but not to many pls and no bulk

In cash i value a Kiki Cr 0xp on 7.6M. You can also offer a mixture of cards and cash for sure. Feel free to ask everything you want to.

If you`re interested in my Kiki Cr 0xp you can always pm me so you`ll get the response faster as when you write down the offer in this subject.

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