thursday 26/12/2013

I'm sorry, no one will take this deal. Jackie Cr will continue to rise in price, but Tessa Cr is only good for type 2, not investments.

Sell Copper 36.000 or exchange for Michael with Jay.

You can pay 40k cash or 45k if you have to offer some cards I'm interested in, you can write me in PM, DON'T EVEN TRY TO WRITE ME IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY THE AMOUNT I REQUIRE PLEASE. Good Game..smiley

French + english lol
sorry it's:


I buy one Guru cr for 7000000clintz in my private sells

ty smiley

Please specify which cards you want in return smiley

Trade/Sell Shawoman Cr 0xp.

Shawoman Cr 0xp Value: 1,100,000

-Splata Cr (710,000)
-Tanaereva Cr (230,000)
-Clintz (160,000)

This would be my ideal trade.... however, I can negotiate.

All offers must include Splata Cr at minimum.



i want to trad my Guru Cr O xp ( 7.7M ) Vs 4M cash + some Cr's like jackie Cr . Caelus cr . Alec Cr . ............. and others )

or i sell him 7.5M cash .

and Thanks

wednesday 25/12/2013

I pay 7M clintz now smiley

"a troll "
Thanks, but for your mom I'm still a "beautiful" men.

Im offering kolos with clintz or Emeth with clintz or cards that are worth kenny cr price

the only lots that were won were
lot 2 big k with 130k (100k + mecha kolos )
lot 4 raw with 180k
lot 5 hydro with 100k

I have 100 0 exp noctezuma (50k/a head)
cards i'm interested in
caelus cr 120k
jackie cr 150k
tana cr 230k
kalindra cr 105k
blaaster cr 100k
el divino 0 exp 22k
dorian 15k

Enjoy with guru my friend !! smiley

I offer 60 caelus 0 exp + small comp for a korr fuill xp if interested pm me smiley

Acquired smiley Thank you.

52 0 exp and the rest are full
6k a head for the 0 exp and 5.5k a head for the full xp
lots will be sold in no less the 50
I am interested in
caelus cr 120k
Jackie cr 180k
tanaerava cr 230k
and blaaster cr 100k
prices may change pm for negotiations smiley

tuesday 24/12/2013

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