saturday 05/10/2013

All 5 ARE 0 exp btw

I don`t care smiley
I will level them up anyway smiley

Hi everyone

I sell or trade this lots

70 Taylor 0xp --> 5350/each ---> 374 500
64 Kawamashi Cr 0xp --> 5500/each ---> 352 000
60 Lola 0xp --> 5350/each ---> 321 000
22 Elvis 0xp --> 7050/each ---> 155 100

The value is NEGOTIABLE

I prefer cash

but also can exchange for Jackie Cr 0xp (149k/each) Vickie Cr 0xp (470k) Kerozinn Cr 0xp (500k)
if you want a complete lot and provide a card more expensive i pay a complement in cash


+ 1 Bristone 0 xp smiley

send More . For Big Lot's send me a PM smiley

I don't need more florida jane, thank you smiley

I'm sure someone can do this, it's very cheap, I just want some clintz in the bank!

Correction. 30 T gaank smiley
I need one for my collection LOL xD

Dont have cash. can add Rhed Cr

Trade Guru for Lyse + Complement ?

I trade following cards :
2x Arkn
159x Brutox
82x Dolly
74x Dr Saw
3x Draheera
1x Erika
39x Ernst
39x Gork
80x Hriger
35x Igniss
22x Kersten
4x Klawz
140x Lilith
27x Luba
28x Mathane
109x Meyen
2x Mini Mund
4x Mok
13x Morlha
11x Nina
67x Platinum
98x Strynge
53x Vladimir
96x Vryer
2x Wardom
15x Wurmhol
2x XU52
2x Z3r0 D34d

some cards are 0xp, leveled, but I didn't write it (because I can specify it, if you are interest in any bulk)
I'm interest a lot of Chad Bread Cr [value 55k] & Berzerk clan & new blood cards too !

I'll accept most offers, for offer, leave me a PM 0 Spycee

Just keeps dropping... i'll offer
5 Kenny 0 exp (250k)
15 Virginia (11 0 exp) (110k)
tana 0 exp
blaster 0 exp
25k cash

Elvis for 5800
Lola for 4600

friday 04/10/2013

HD vincenzo : send me your offer private

I'm interest a lot Ched Bread Cr [55k value], I need 7 more copies.

I'm in the market to buy either Vickie Cr or Lamar Cr - straight up for clintz. They might as well be full experience since whichever one I buy is being permanently added to my collection. So, I'm looking to buy Vickie Cr for about 425k or Lamar for about 475k.

2 jackies for miss twice cr 0exp smiley

Now I take the 0xp for 740 clints and full for 670 clints

I want to trade my Kerozinn cr 0xp for full xp elya cr

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