saturday 18/01/2014

I have different kind of Cr's 0xp for trade.

Heegrn 39x
Jackie 2x

I got those on 0xp, looking for full's on Marlysa Ombre and Dragan.
Also looking for a kerozinn, Splata full

friday 17/01/2014

This auction is over, people who won, please check your PM for the Secure Exchange, thank you!

Either full or 0xp. Makes no difference to me.

Hello everyone!
Im selling Tank and I'm looking for 11000 Clintz / a trade for any card.
I'm willing to trade through Private Sale / Secure Trade.

Hi everyone!!! i´m looking for Vickie cr for 470000 directly in mi Private sells

Thanks everyone!!

I'm looking for Devil Dog , La Calavera , El Matador , Wonder Lana

I'm offering a full xp


Pm me if interested

Not accepting any other cards

Infi smiley
gimme yours smiley

Still looking to trade!
Price changed
4k per 0 xp
3.8k per full

Hello all, i need 55 el matador 0xp vs my 10 robb cr 0xp by secure trade smiley

I sell trade my 331 Edd Cr fulls.
I value Edd Cr at 25k for cards and crs in ES or 24,5 k in cash in PS
Looking crs and clintz.
PM for faster response. Open to prepositions

My Elya Cr is on the market for 543210 Clintz. Happy to do a clintz and card trade too. PM me

If you're still selling, please write the price that you want for your cards smiley

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