thursday 24/10/2013


I have 60 graksmxxt 0xp for trade smiley I look for some toro 0xp smiley

I propose 1 graksmxxt 0xp for 3 toro 0xp (42k vs 3x14k)

With Secured Trade smiley

You can send me a message smiley


Marlysa is still heresmiley

Hi all ,

Dregn 0xp : 37 500
Kolos 0xp : 36 000
Ongh 0xp : 37 500
Charlie 0xp : 38 000
Petra 0xp : 6 700
Lost Hog 0xp : 3 700
Pino 0xp : 350
Gil 0xp : 13 500
Striker 0xp : 20 500

In my pv.

I'm looking mostly for Aldebaran, but I'd accept a card of greater value

2 Olga 0 xp 14k each 28ks
Emeth cr full 42k
Bristone full 2,9k
2 Ghumbo 0 xp 12,5k each 25ks
Aurora 0 xp 12,1k
4 Kerry 0 xp 12,5k each 50ks
(Total 160k)
For Jackie Cr (better if it is O exp)

wednesday 23/10/2013

Thanks Cyber smiley

My prices are a bit lower than market on a lot of these...which is pretty good especially for they shouldn't last too long smiley

Ndololo Cr for 600k. (Jackie Cr+450k )

Title says it all. 5k below current market price. Pm me if interested.


look smiley

Buy my at market smiley

Also can do a 0xp lumber jack for bryan pm me which you'd prefer

No longer have the Chiara cr 0 exp smiley

Offering 530k for one of them, private message me smiley

I offer 95 Nelo 0xp (47500) + 5 000 Clintz for Noctezuma 0xp (52 000)

I acept only secure trade smiley

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