wednesday 01/01/2014

34k and a compliment.

Still looking for a dragan buyer, a good price guaranteed!!

Im looking to trade my dregn full xp for your noctezuma any xp.

please pm me if you are willing to trade.
i value both around 40k so it will be a straight trade.

Now only looking for copies of Akendram and Bryan in multiples of 10

I now have:

150 Akendram 0 xp

100 Bryan 0 xp

I still have 3 i want a jackie cr but im willing to trade for other playable cr's

tuesday 31/12/2013

I also have Lao Cr 0xp for trade or sell.
Pm me your offer smiley

Trade my Raven 0exp. (18k) for:

- Haze
- Rowdy
- El Divino

Secure Trade

Trade my 0xp Robb Cr(which is 50k+ in the market atm)

for your fullxp Charlie(your choice if you want to give me 0xp though smiley )

Negotiations can still change depending on the market,
PS~ Happy New year!

Anyone selling anita for 1100 clintz?

Lamar cr - 500k
10 caelus 0 exp - 130k/a head
blaster cr full 100k
kalindra cr 105k
alec cr 0 exp 160k
all cards are full xp unless otherwise noted

30 noctezuma 0 exp for your 9 Jackie ?

3 alec 0 exp ?

Looking for best offer.

want around 790k

clintz only

or these cards

Im trading my Ghumbo


Mokhra and Petra

pm iif interested

monday 30/12/2013


I want to trade my General Cr full (8M) for Guru Cr (8M) or Kiki Cr (8M) or Dj Korr Cr (8.2M)

- General Cr + 50k for Guru Cr
- General Cr + 50k for Kiki Cr
- General Cr + 200k for DJ Korr Cr

Exchange for ES.
If you are interested, contact me by private message. Everything is negotiable.

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