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tuesday 06/05/2014

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Hello everybody, i'm looking for a kalindra cr full exp (161k).
I offer a Noctezuma 0xp (85k) + veenyle cr full (40k) + karrion 0xp (23k) + la cobra 0xp (12,5k).
PM me if interested.

Pm me back plz my crazy carlo for beeboy

Mokra full xp + 4 Sue full xp for your Mokra 0 xp (more than 1.2k complement! :shocksmiley
Can do this 7 times.

Rolph full xp + 4 Sue full xp for your Rolph 0 xp (more than 1.2k complement! :shocksmiley
Can do this 30 times

Herman full xp + 3 Sue full xp for your Herman 0 xp (About 1k complement :shocksmiley
Can do this 7 times.

2 Tanaereva 550K
2 Vennyle Cr 80K
Seldnor Cr 80K
Page Cr 80K
Ombre Cr 320K
Thaumaturge 190 K
Nahi Cr 180K
Kreen Cr 80K
Marco Cr 40K
Kenny Cr 75K
Jane Ramba Cr 40K
Geuner Cr 80 K
Emeth Cr 80 K
Diyo Cr 85K
Chad Bead CR 55K
Total Cr : 2M015K

200 Nathan 1500/t = 300K
200 Kamekun 2500/t=500K
50 Graksmxxt 0xp :3M250K
150 Draheera : 10 000/t=1500K
100 Oxo 2500/t=250K
100 Taham 12 000/t=1200 K
35 Karrion 28K/t=980K
100 Campbel 0xp : 9500/T= 950K
TOTAL CARTES : 8 683 000

Total Cartes + Total Cr :10 645 000 Clz

200k. Need 1. Leave it in my private sale if you are willing to sell.

monday 05/05/2014

You have a pm smiley

General 9 Mio

I have 20 left smiley

Nahi Cr = 175k
Dahlia Cr = 95k
PM if interested
Happy Dealings smiley

I forgot to add the ( trade buy ) sign sorry

How much cash

Berserkgirl sold smiley

Trading Sum Sam Cr for Tessa Cr + Dragan Cr

I'm trading 2 ghumbo 0xp + 8k for a jane ramba cr any xp

Lol aldebaran can be found often at 700k 0 exp.

9 Aylen @ 5.5k eack
19 Gork 0xp @ 2.8k each
18 Malicia 0xp @ 3k each
10 T Gaank 0xp @ 4.5k each


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