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friday 11/07/2014

I buy all your aaron 0xp for 4500/each

Perhaps you should create this topic after the next 3 releases... then you can grab her for 15k or less....

None trade my cards for all non crs uppers and a Jackie crsmiley

thursday 10/07/2014

Tomorrow is the NB release, if you pull a Liona, send her to my PS for 10.5k and I will buy it instantly (if I'm on, of course).

I have exclusively clintz.

Happy trading smiley

100 fixit 0xp 7250/each pv smiley

Splata gone, i take only 10 charlie more.

I add 1 Baby q full to all offer, enjoy it when it's possible smiley

Market = 9.500.... smiley

Deal is done. smiley



Still have Marjory 0xp


Marina full 28k
Crazy Carlo full 17k
Saki full 12k
Cortez 0exp 50k

60000 or Dregn
plz offer

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