monday 06/01/2014

Yeah, for example if your have got 20x kreen u mustnt sell all on market and wait lot of time. U can sell me on private.

As the title says:

I wish to get a full general and a little extra for my general 0 exp.

Contact me per PM for a faster trade

Thanks in advance

Cr announced cards are not available for trades/sales. Wiat a few days.

Je met en enchere mon tanaereva cr full que je estime a 258,000 clints.

Je recherche:

Des carte de une valeur superiore a 20,000 clints
Des frozn, junkz et jungo.

Des autre offre vont etre accepter smiley

PDD: 239,000

Fin de enchere: Mercredi 8 Janvier 21:59:59

It is? Shoot i must've added it wrong... i got 280k originally somehowsmiley... whoops, then i mean 230k for all

Anyone interested in any of these lots , prices are negotiable.

Selling 141 Roger 0xp

Post offers below

45 Randal 0xp
2.2k each

Method of trade: ST

Pm me for offers

I can trade for all cards but we must talk about this i accept cash and cards too.
I also can trade all cards which price is below 150ksmiley

Now i can offer
2 000 Clintz and 1x Kawamashi Cr for Oflgn

Your level is tooo high

sunday 05/01/2014

Trade Kalindra Cr for 2 Graks and 1 striker idc about xp pm me

Hi, i can buy
Hemdall 11 000
Shaun 400
Doug snop 600
Campbell 4500
Dr ergo 540
I can trade some cards for they too.

Still looking, I have the clintz to make up the difference in price based on the current market value

Sad wins with 52500 clintz! smiley

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