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monday 17/12/2012

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
Please, read, follow these rules and all your threads will be validated.


[RECR] = Recruitment
[INTRO] = Introduction
[LFG] = Looking For a Guild
[RP] = Role play / Fanfic


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

sunday 16/12/2012

Now we will be recruiting for this month only please join everyone

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley


saturday 15/12/2012

Looking for a guild?
All levels are accepted...so what are you waitting for?

Urban United

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thursday 13/12/2012

When he says he will give a card, it true. Is a good guild to start, so come in

This topic should be closed now cus this person has joined my guild

We're a guild that build's on others', we are no more than what you offer. Anyone and everyone can and will be accepted. 9 members strong, and are still building. Join today!


tuesday 11/12/2012

Lvl 20+ One month of absens and u are dismissed Private!!

in Ur it's the law of the jungle "the strongest survives" and that's our goal THE TOP!!

Many in Guild events just for fun or with a prize


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I want to join but for some reason it won't let me destroy my own guild. smiley I just made it so I would be able to have one but now I want to join yours and help it grow...smiley

Hello! I'm currently recruiting members to my new guild, Weee!
Apply if you need help from me or anyone from the guild!
Here's the link to apply : Weee

edited by ArtemisBZ tuesday 11/12/2012, 09:47

Join guild:1871566
Link to guild:

I have found a guild! *this shall be closed* (plz) smiley

monday 10/12/2012

sunday 09/12/2012

Link to join The Trend:

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley

saturday 08/12/2012

Lol not so popular

wednesday 05/12/2012

Might wanna check out limit break buddy, seems we have everything you're looking for.

Please, dont open new post to the same, that's spam. You could use your old one -.-'

tuesday 04/12/2012

sunday 02/12/2012

If you met our minimum standards then why not talk to an admin and apply to limit break today

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