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friday 12/04/2019

I’m looking for a Full General Cr/Mt, my General is 0 xp.

Now 2 m in clintz

thursday 11/04/2019

HI i trade my Ratanah Mt0exp vs your Spyke Mt 0exp + 100k


Kiki Cr (16.4 million)
3 Charlies (0xp, 1 level 4, 1 level 5) (200K/each)
+7 million Clintz

Total: 24 million


Just to clarify, I will buy for 650k OR trade cards. Can definitely be a combo of both, but the price I am looking for is 650k. I am flexible though!

wednesday 10/04/2019

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to trade my full xp Nemo MT (4m) for a Kenny MT (2.5m) any xp + 1.3m clintz. This offer is negotiable. If anyone is interested feel free to pm with an offer.

Well thankyou very much lol you're a nice person, also thread closed I have found one

Trade done , thread closed , thx.

I accept other offers

pm me smiley

Can I clarify that you have Kiki Cr in your collection or somewhere in the market or if the offer is for "Kiki Cr" given the thread was initially written as "Kikki Cr"?

I am asking this as a precaution to verify if you have the card prior to the thread`s creation. Do note if you make a trade and do not have the card in question prior to the creation, action might be taken against you.

I am writing this post to clarify this thread and to warn you in advance in case you do not have the card in question should you and another player agree to the trade.

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