friday 15/06/2018

Mona Cr full xp 420k

I have a max judge lynch if you want him I don't know how private trades work thouh

thursday 14/06/2018

As title says looking to trade 0xp Nemo mt value 3.15 million for one death adder any xp which I value at 3.1 million

If you want other cards such as rares just ask me

I can also buy your Vryer 0xp for 15k/h.
If you have 85 of them, I can go up to 16k/h and 17k/h if 200+

I'm looking for
Kiki Cr 0xp or full -> 19M cash
Guru Cr 0xp or full -> 19M cash
Lyse Teria Cr 0xp or full -> 20M cash

Hey guys, I am looking for a Death Adder. It doesnt matter wether he is 0xp or full.

I value him at 3 250 000 Clintz.

I offer for him:

1x Marshall 0xp - 490 000 Clintz
1x Behemoth full xp - 540 000 Clintz
1x Noctezuma 0xp - 480 000 Clintz
1x Lizbeth Cr 0xp - 550 000 Clintz
1x Serafina full xp - 550 000 Clintz
2x Shaakarti Cr 0xp - 270 000 Clintz each
1x Dr Corpenica 0xp - 305 000 Clintz
1x Dakota 0xp - 100 000 Clintz

I got:

- 200x Sue - 2k each
- 100x Mulligan - 2,3k each
- 120x Bridge - 75,5k each
- 75x Daddy Jones - 100k each
- 75x Sir Banks - 14k each
- 50x Josephine - 70k each
- 40x Liona - 177k each
- 30x Brody - 98k each
- 30x Sera M1 - 45k each

I'm looking for playable CR MT cards!

wednesday 13/06/2018

Trade conclude.
thread closed.


I offer 9 Smokey Mt 2M/u = 18M
In exchange for your General Cr 17M


Hi skeni are you interested in trades? if so.estimation for roderick please?

Sent you a pm to know the list of cards smiley

Sorry, make that 3M since they're 0xp.

Still available.

Value: 1.1m

Trade for:

Spyke Mt
Kenny Mt
Judge Lynch
Butcher Braxton
Copper Cr

I prefer to exchange for these cards + clintz or just 1.1m clintz. Hope all having a nice day. Thanks.

Reminder that I do accept clintz + cards, not sure if I made that clear at the start God damn it smileysmileysmiley

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