sunday 10/06/2018

Deal done.

2x Ymirah and 1x Kolos for Dragan smiley

12 Calliope 0xp at 10k/each

4 Bubbles 0xp at 10k/each

I value her around 850k
I will pay clintz or maybe some of my collection pm me for negotiating thanks


I have :
Maximus 0 xp

I want :
Dr Copernica Cr any xp + Kougloff any xp

thank you

Trading my @Ymirah Cr 0xp [ 1.79M]
Looking for
@Roderick [248k]
@Maximus [347k]
@Saveli [249k]
@Emeth Cr [479k]
+ 467k clintz
total : 1.79M
Any XP is fine, pm me if interested.

saturday 09/06/2018

Hi, as the title say, i trade my Melissa Cr 0xp(1.4M) against the following list of cards which xp doesn't matter :
-Ratanah Mt 555K or Yayoi Cr 200K + Striker Cr 170K + Newell 140K + Z3r0 D34d 44K = 554K
-Butcher Braxton 275K
-C0re 105K
-Galactea 280K
-Toro Cr 146K
-Sir Geralt 40K (Decreasing NB so)
Total = 1.4M
If you are willing to trade, just dm me so the trade can take place smiley
See you around guys smiley

Already sold, thanks

I buy death adder o xp for 2555000 cash.
pm ,thanks.

Jango, marry me please.

friday 08/06/2018

Look at the market first
Rex Sweig 0xp -215k
Dregn Cr 0xp- 471k

Just a suggestion, sell some cards that you have then buy the ones you need. Most of your list are inexpensive and people don’t like to waste time trading cheaper cards. Then simplify by doing a “trade” for ax battler. Like above post list 3 cards you will offer for ax and you will get replies. I’m suggesting this for anyone reading.

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