monday 30/04/2018

Selling 1 x Guru 0XP for 18.5mm. Non negotiable, no swaps, looking for Clintz only please.

First come first served! Thanks

sunday 29/04/2018

I'm not looking for Gus Rope, Pr Vronkxxt and Hermosa anymore!
I still need:
- 5 Burton 0 xp 18k each (90k total)



I want to trade my 6 Nemo Mt 0xp (3M/t) for your General Cr full (18M)

Shinobi 0xp, 210k each
Or all 3 for #mana cercei any xp

Pm if interested

Also looking to buy:
23 Prince Jr. @ 1.3k (total 29.9k)
9 Avola @36 (total 324k)
55 Anita @1.2k (total 66k)
31 Sue @1.5k (total 46.52k)
29 Suzie @1.2k (total 34.8k)
19 Pegh @ 19k (total 361k)
10 Niva @ 16k (total 192k)

Saw the price of guru at the market i will close and come back later

saturday 28/04/2018

It's in your privates sales smiley

10x Avola for 325k

Also looking to buy:
50x Anita for 60k
50x Sue for 65k
50x Waller for 95k
50x Prince Jr. for 55k

For fast response private sell me or PM me (sometimes I forget to check here).



Lmao 300 k

FOR 1 Kerozinn Mt 0xp (5 800 000c)
I propose : 158 Scopica 0xp (5 600 000c) + 24 Nyema 0xp (650k) = 6M250k for a 0xp kerozinn MT

If you have a full kerozinn MT my offer will be around 5 million, just pm me.

Close Thread please.

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