thursday 08/11/2018

Marshall cr
Marco cr
Mana cerni
And caleus cr
Will pay difference if any.

Armanda cr for him

wednesday 07/11/2018

Looking exclusively for beeboy cr, feel free to dm me!

Deal done and closed. Thanks again raven smiley

Hello,I am leaving her in your PS for another 1 hour after that I will remove her. Thank you.

I have a full XP No Love for trade! Looking for a Behemoth and CR's for value to value! Let me know what you have

My Guru Cr 0xp (18.85m)


Cannibal Jo Cr (10.99m)
No Love (2.9m)
Comanche (533k)
Moukrok (2m)
Death Adder (1.9m)

Full or 0xp, the minimum market price
For the difference I accept letters like Serafina, Maana Cercei, Behemoth, Nero... and cash.

Looking to trade or sell DJ korr for clintz or expensive CRs, MTs, etc to fill out my collection. Prefer few doubles and limited lots, cash offers also preferred.

I'm flexible with the trades, so if you have any interest in other cards let me know. On the previous trade there were also other characters such as Sobek and Pudge smiley

Do you want 1 Mona Cr full xp tho?

tuesday 06/11/2018

I have 0xp DJ Korr Cr I would like to trade for a full+700k

Gone, all gone.

This post can be gone too.

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