tuesday 11/09/2018

Price above market value

Offering 1 300 000 in cash now

As the title implies.. im looking for Smokey Mt. thanks mod

-#General Cr sold.

Selling Dwain Cr for 690k, i may also accept a trade if it interests me, pm me!

Send me a private message and put her in PV.

My offer is 2x Smokey Mt and 10x John O Clock,all 0xp for a Nemo Mt 0xp.

monday 10/09/2018

Hi guys.
I buy Mindy 0 xp for 2,7k/unity and Zdrone 0 xp for 7k/unity

Thanks for your sell smiley

sunday 09/09/2018

Any limit to the number of Ghoonbones you want to receive for this trade?

This will help for reference. Thanks.

So I'm looking to buy Dragan Cr for 3,994,922 clintz (it's all I have) and a Grudg Cr. Would really make my day.

saturday 08/09/2018

Lyse Teria Cr full + 1M500k cash + 1 Quetzal Cr 0xp (me)
1 Kiki Cr 0xp (you)

Thank you

I trade my Death Adder (1640000) for your No Love (1700000). The difference (60k clintz) will be paid too.

I exchange my Sigmund Cr 0xp (4M) for 1 No Love (2M) + 1 Death Adder (1,65M) + 1 Sentenza (500k).

I am not looking for other cards, I can add cash needed!

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