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friday 15/02/2019

Do you want the good news or the bad news for Wave LD and Sight LD?

McLain 0 xp for Rex Sweig

i accept other offers as well.

My browser gave a small bug and was two messages from the forum, sorry adm smileysmiley

Hey guy, look at the private one.

thursday 14/02/2019

In case its unclear mine is 0xp

I have Sentenza 0 xp for trade. Are you still looking for it? What are you offering?

wednesday 13/02/2019

I am looking to trade my #Cannibal Jo Cr (13.5m) for #Dragon mt (12.5m) plus 1m (cards or clintz). Please PM me as I will likely miss posts on this thread.

tuesday 12/02/2019

I value Atkinson at 2.8m and No Love around 2.4m smiley

Reply here or pm me

I'm sorry i don't have the cards you looking for but if you want some cash, put Chiara Cr on my ps at 115k smiley

monday 11/02/2019

He's level 4 and ready to go to a good home. smiley

Oh thanks for reminding me about this post, I forgot about it. I was able to get a copy for 15.5M
Enjoy the rest of your day !

My general cr more 2millon cash for you gurú cr

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