tuesday 14/08/2018

Im looking for a zatman cr i can trade him for card,send me a pm

In my opinion you need to add to this proposed trade. there is not many players who are willing to give up nearly 8 million on a trade. for a NON playable card they are both not great. but fair value for fair value. Add to this these cards are not distributed anymore at all. make it closer to at least 23 to 25 million and you will get at least some offers.

just my opinion good luck to you


Also open for clintz + card offers just provide 3 or more options

monday 13/08/2018

Hey guys wanna buy Maana Cercei for bit cheaper as on market wouls be glad if someone is out there pref full exp but at least doesnt matter

Kind regards,

Sell for: 6 500 000
Trade for: Alec Mt & B'mappé
Or make your offer I might consider it smiley
Pm me if I got your interestsmileysmiley

sunday 12/08/2018

Selling my General Cr for around 17m

To Alec Mt. Pm me smiley

Cool I will send him!

Hi,i buy all your Tuco for 2200 clintz ,0xp or full doesn't matter smiley

Looking to buy Smokey mt, pm me with what you’re asking for him. Cash only.


i'm looking to trade my mini lots :

50 Faiza 0xp 40k/t
50 Zaria 0xp 40k/t
50 Mim 0xp 85k/t
50 Draheera 0xp 130k/t
50 Elvira 0xp 45k/t
50 Steve 0xp 40k/t
50 Shao Xue 0xp 25k/t
300 Nannah 0xp 9k/t
Comanche 0xp 800k
3 Charlie 0xp 300k/t
2 Vermyn N 0xp 65k/t
Sobek 0xp 200k

in exchange;

97 Haze 0xp 30k/t
77 Bambino 0xp 30k/t
18 Guiliug 0xp 20k/t

saturday 11/08/2018


#general cr 0 xp with full +1M (1M less than the market )
Nahi Cr 0 xp with full +100k (100k less than the market)
Boris Cr 0xp with full +100k (100k less than the market)

I'm trading my:

Alec Mt full (5 million)


Lao Cr any xp (5 million)

friday 10/08/2018

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