monday 04/06/2018

I have 700 Zis for sale

151 are full exp for 30k each
the rest are 0 exp for 30k each as well

Only accepting cash or the cards, Comanche or Death Adder.


Im looking to trade my 90 McLayton lot (I value 1 copy of McLayton at 22k) for one Xantiax Robb Cr any exp.

Send me a private message. Thanks

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Lol, just say what you want to buy man , instead of saying "everything" since your just wasting people's time.smiley

Slednor+Nahi+ 3.2 million clintz

+300k and we have a deal smiley

sunday 03/06/2018

Add 300K and we have a deal, Lao 0xp is 4.6M Tessa 0xp is 4.2M smiley


I buy your #Dorian 0xp 55k in cash
And i can also trade against other card, just inbox me

Thank you

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Faiza full xp (x6) = 45k (each)
Kougloff any xp = 320k

I am willing to negotiate price, however I only want clintz smiley

Looking for 50.

saturday 02/06/2018

I sent the card in pv

And another..

What do the numbers mean Mason! What do they mean! smiley

All these people wanting Vryer and here I am collecting #globumm

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I want to trade all my collection which is worth 28 Million clintz so far for a Lyse teria cr (any xp) + Nemo Mt (any xp)+ Jim cr (any xp)

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