tuesday 03/09/2013

Only 600 for each, you may bargain.

40x Martha
248x Aleister
12x Roger

if interested PM me...

I am wondering if some one could sell me Hax for 8-10k?

Apparently this is just gonna happen every time regardless of what I do. :/

monday 02/09/2013

Sorry already sold smiley

On private sales 165k

or i am interested in lot of plunk 0xp(750) lumber jack 0xp(7k) jackie cr ( 125k) caelus cr (105k)

Please state the complement you would like for the first offer smiley

Kiki cr sold

Trade with 0 p3dr0-CG done.

Remove :
- Jackie Cr
Add :
+ Caelus Cr 0xp,
+ Noodile Cr

proven player (succesul exchanges) with :
0 p3dr0-CG


For 9M in private sale.


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For goodness sake!

Ok will do

Ok thank you spycee,nahi cr marco cr and alec cr are mine smiley

Trade only . no complement

Editor's Note: changed compensate to complement as that is the proper word smiley

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Stompah and Sledg for the links

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