thursday 20/09/2018

I have:

9 Globumm Cr 0xp (70K)
13 Globumm Cr Full (60K)

Total: 1.41 million


Miss Jigi any xp (1.1 million)

wednesday 19/09/2018

I'm looking for Alec Mt 2.7M
I offer Smokey Mt 0exp 1.55M and cash.
Pm if you are interested smiley

I am looking to trade my Miss Twice Cr full + 150k for your Miss Twice Cr 0xp.
Thanks smiley

Send me a ps or pm me smiley))

Hi guys whats app;
i want to sell/trade my cards.
Quetzal Cr (0 xp) =615 k
Noctezuma Cr x2 (full) = 410k/t
Dalhia Cr (0xp) = 515k
Ymirah Cr (full) = 1.5m
and im looking for;
Nahi Cr
Reine Cr
Miss Twice Cr
for offers pm me


I Sell the following cards / trade
Dounia MT 0 XP [2M]
Lyse Teria CR [18M]
Selsya CR 0 XP [1M]
Serafina 0 XP 2x [510k each]
bloodh CR 0 XP [ 340k]
zatman 0 XP and zatman full XP [total 440k]

Im looking for:
Trades massage me with what u can offer

19m in clintz

Okay I will . seems like I made a little mistake , thanks LoA

Be more descriptive in the topic line please. Also read “rules” section.

I have to ask. So are there particular cards you are looking to trade for or any card with similar value?

I buy 4 Death Adder Oxp for 1M600k each. Straight on my VP. Full Cash.smileysmiley

tuesday 18/09/2018

Nahi Cr is gone. I still trade Berserkgirl Cr (3.4M) for other cards or cash. PM if interested.

I offer my:
Lamar Cr 0exp 4.3M

i want Vickie Cr which is 3.3M and +clintz or some other cards i wait for your offers smiley

Not atm Sorry !

I have many full xp cards from GHEIST, Montana, Nightmare, and Vortex. What do you want for Behemoth, Maana Cercei, or Marshal Cr. Or should I just give you clintz?

monday 17/09/2018

0 exp Sigma Cr 200k


I buy :
7 Nemo Mt 0xp 3M100k per head
30 Kenny Mt 0xp 1M per head
50 Dregn Mt 0xp 570k per head

Thank you

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