sunday 16/12/2018

saturday 15/12/2018

Hi everybody!
I've got 1 Ombre Cr 0exp. I want in exchange:

A) 3.000.000 clintz, easy smiley
B) 2.500.000 clintz + cards valued 750.000 clintz (according to the price of market; I'm not interested in 0 exp)
C) 2.000.000 clintz + cards valued 1.500.000

I'd like to have in exchange small/medium Cr, but I can also accept other cards to fulfill the requirement. I don't like lots, sorry!

I Can Offer Tanaereva Full xp + Ratanah Full xp + 280k

I Can Also Offer Tanaereva Full Xp + GraksmxxT 0xp + 500k

Still valid. I can also offer Slade + Karrion

Or 280 000 + 10 Aaxolotl full?

BTW, I also accept to exchange cards. Below is the other cards which I am looking for...

Clarice ~ 57000
Figaro ~ 50000
Lagertha ~ 42000
El Factor ~ 35000
Death Wing ~ 33000
Kit-E ~ 63000
Bruno ~ 62000

Sentenza ~ 300k
Goure ~ 140k

friday 14/12/2018

my Roderick full exp and 40k for Dragomir any exp

Title, Rodericks are full XP
need Lizabeth any exp

Sorry, Just Sold Vickie.

Thread title. Send me a PM and will reply at my convenience.

Sledg Cr 0xp trading for NBs

thursday 13/12/2018

Looking at selling my Dragan Mt which is currently valued on the market at approx 14m.

I will accept offers below 14m as long as they're sensible. Any deal must inlcude at least 50% of the value in clintz plus cards to match the remainder.

PM me with your offer if interested smiley

Cheers, Doc.

wednesday 12/12/2018

I'm selling/trading my Crook 0XP, for more info MP

Hi all, hope your all enjoying UR smiley

Death Wing 0xp 30k
Pudge 0xp 16k
Bros 0xp 7.8k

Buying as much as i can . Just message me with a message i may be interested in trading some of my cards for yours or offer you something smiley



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