wednesday 21/08/2013

Dragan cr still here smiley

Also i want 5x Ayzkub for 450 clintz per one
and 5x Niqiloda for 1.3k each
and 5x Mikaal 5.5k each

Looking for Lamar cr or kerozinn cr
Pm me for a trade

Sh4ne- we say 600k for tessa remember, that its the deal, no 500k, ok


27. Buy - 2 5 0 xp - 19 990 Clintz sold by The Gaunt Man, 90h, 10min left.


No sorry

[BUY] all character 0 xp or full, sent PM with the offer thanks

Secure trades doesn´t work for a while.
the admins work hard to find the bug to fix this problem.
the only thing you can do is .... just wait
have patience!

Please write the names of the card/s that you want in return smiley


tuesday 20/08/2013

Wow.. you are the best..
all guys wanna be like you...
no one is better and more perfect then you...smiley

you boring me daoc...
just laugh about you smiley

I want Rowdy and willing to trade + clintz
Fei and Yoshida
Hattori and Yoshida

Still up

monday 19/08/2013

ALso have splata cr full for trade
value is high 600k.

pm me if interested in that to.

I prefer lots and you to make first offers

When ST is back up ill be sending you a message smiley

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