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thursday 26/09/2019

Hi, I buy Negodz 0xp 1300/each directly in my ps

Pm for trade smiley

I can do it, mine is 0XP, pm me when ready smiley

wednesday 25/09/2019

I saw some Tanaerevas on the market.
Tss... its a secret.

Still looking for Marlysa Cr and Splata Cr. I Will offer clintz on top of the Crs I have left to trade.

Hello to everybody i trade the following cards:
Scarlett Mt 0exp 23m
Manon Mt full 22m
Volkan Cr 0exp 7.9m

i'm interested to:
Baby Q 0exp 35k/t
Bogdan 0exp 40k
Baraa 0exp 2k/t
Chiara Cr 150k/t
#Grudj Cr 0exp 130k/t
Hilal 0exp 18k/t
Betul 0exp 19k/t
Duygu 0exp 31k/t
Bekum 0exp 10k/t
Ceida 2k/t
Vladimir 0exp 5k/t
Havok 0exp 60k/t
Wee Lee 0exp 60k/t

Thnx a lot

volkan +1M for kiki
dagg +30K for oon

tuesday 24/09/2019

Manon, Ndololo, Death adder gone smiley
Only Scarlett Mt left.

Hi! Would you be interested in Tessa Cr (3M) + Flavio Cr (1.8M) + Marlysa Cr (4.1M) + NDololo Cr (2.3M) = 11.2M for your DJ?

I sale my full exp DJ for 11M or trade for card in 11M

Hello everybody,

I sell 300 Scylla 0xp for 45k/t.

Pm me for an offer smiley

monday 23/09/2019


Jim Cr 0xp -> Full + 250k
Elya Cr 0xp -> Full + 300k
Lao Cr 0xp -> Full + 300k
Miss Twice Cr 0xp -> Full + 200k

My armanda 0 xp + maana 0 xp for ur marlysa 0 xp? Pm if u r interessed.

sunday 22/09/2019

Looking for 9.2M or Volkan Cr full (7.8M) + 1.5M

Found Tessa and Armanda, Splata gone!

Now Marlysa + 800k for Ndololo + Elya smiley

Any XP is fine, just realized that he isn't EFC banned and wanna taste my 2010 deck once again smiley

Bought him from ES-Lix-GX

Closing the thread, thank you everyone! smiley

Corvus Cr (0xp) - 115K
Ndololo Cr (0xp) - 2.45M
Thaumaturge Cr (0xp) - 780K
Cassio Cr (0xp) - 470K
Boomstock Cr (full) - 120K
Dr Copernica Cr (full) - 265K
Xantiax Robb Cr (full) - 2.8M
Marshall Cr (full) - 615K

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