tuesday 13/08/2013

Dagg 16k
dregn 35 k
so 51 k in total..
my price 45k! if you are telling cheap.. smiley

Add Oxp seldnor Cr 90k and 2x Hawk 13k

Melissa cr gone

Still have rest smiley

monday 12/08/2013

Nahi cr is gone smiley

It is still not allowed. If you want to do an auction, do it using purely via the forum. I strongly suggest selling them on the market instead of doing an auction because not many people will want every single cards in that lot. Auctions are good if you have big quantities of the same card.

Just to add on: Auctions are generally better received in the french market section than english section.

edited by Cyber monday 12/08/2013, 17:52

Any offers?
I remeber that I'll accept an offer of Jackie + Vickie for My flavio + 10k (which means that you'd be getting flavio for 580k) until midnight., after that I'll remove the 10k smiley

Sell or Trade sigmund Cr
for 490k ctz or other playble CRs


Well that's the good thing about a forum. I can say one thing and people can offer me something else =]
I've got offers on this, mostly stuff i don't want atm. But offers nonetheless.

1 million Bob joby? I don't mind smiley
Waiting for a buyer to buy my Marlysa Cr 0xp but the deal should be done soon.

Sigmund Cr 0 xp still up for grabs! smiley

I sell each Mylka for 200 clintz

sunday 11/08/2013

Well the cards i have are
Jeena full
Olga Noel full
Lost Hog 0xp
Zinfrid 0xp
Tomas Full
Deea 0xp
Krung 0xp
Hystrix 0xp
Rhed Cr full
Muze full
Wanda full

the cards im looking for are:
Bangers: Shogunn, Chikko Cr, Juicy Lord and Kluwn
Fang Pi Clang: Kusuri, Ryuici, Heitachi, Shizawa and Kuei
GHEIST: Rolph, XU52, Anibal, Erika, Arkn and Dr Saw
Jungo: Nyema, Wendy and Niva
La Junta: Naginata, Dean, Ed12 and Isatis
Piranas: Bloodh
Rescue: Steve and Benson
Pussycats: Diana
Skeelz: Todd, Carter, Chwing, Damian, Aigwon, Aylen, Lorna and Redra
Uppers: All exept Wayne Stark and Harold

Also im looking for several copies of Mokra

Oki, that's a good proposal smiley
Good exhange smiley

I buy mokra 0xp for 5600 and mokra full for 5400. just send me the private sales

Looking for Ghumbo or Karrion smileysmileysmileysmiley

Always for sale smiley

Offer still stands! Will add 10k if it gets done today!

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