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sunday 07/10/2012

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley



saturday 06/10/2012

wednesday 03/10/2012

tuesday 02/10/2012


let me introduce myself, my name is Angelo and im 26 years old i played Ur for a while but i had to take some breaks because of real life issues. Now that im back im on the HUNT for something like a life time Guild. In the past few years i actually played alot of PC-games and i played all of them pretty hardcore and successful but i decided to join the laid back faction i just want to have fun in Urban Rivals during my little play sessions.
I enjoyed and still enjoy the ELO mode the most. I dont have much criterias BUT there are a few.

1. be an ELO oriented Guild
2. Active guild, ingame and on the forums
3. Language, i prefer an English speaking guild but im able to speak German aswell.

Tell me if your got any Questions

see you soon

Sincerely Angelo

I made a new thing that whenever u get 1200 points first for clan activity in the week u will receive a random card that u choose! more info when u join guild

monday 01/10/2012

Still recruiting for new members. We are just starting up another guild event, so this is a great time to join.

Working Class Heroes

sunday 30/09/2012


Good luck smiley

Hey Guys,

Legion Is the place to be! Come and be a part of growing one of the greatest guilds this game has ever seen! We are a close knit family full of active players that love duels! There is so much to come and so much to conquer! They are one we are many LEGION! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Thanks mods
Hey everyone this is a brand new guild that is open to everyone! we already have 4 members and are going to be huge!
Rules are:
1.Be active, and nice.
2.Help others if they ask.
For now that is all. You may speak any language and the more the better so everyone can talk to someone the same language.
A translater would be nice and ya =)
Anyone may join and please join now!

saturday 29/09/2012

Accepting all new members just send me a message looking for players that are active and wanna grow together

friday 28/09/2012

I want to join but im already in a naruto fan guildsmiley

thursday 27/09/2012

tuesday 25/09/2012

Urban greeting players
Allow me to introduce myself give:
Urban Rivals is a passionate player, I love this game and playing for 1 year and a
I've made ​​a new guild that I want to bring new members
I ==== >>> only condition to be active
You are welcome regardless of level, just above condition
will wait


monday 24/09/2012

For future reference, the way to create hyperlinks on this website is different from regular ones.

Take the number at the end of your url. 1821907 then add guild: (with the colon) in front of it.

guild: 1821907

Good luck smiley

sunday 23/09/2012

Join FaZe!

Want a fun and active guild? Then URBAN MADNESS is looking for you.
With active message boards and some topics for some Game mode guides.

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