wednesday 19/09/2012

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Hi, I am now looking for an active guild to join so i can learn the game better

I am level 64

My elo record is 1368(Survivior ELO = 13), which i set last two month (1300 ELO per a week - guaranteed).

Please Message me or post on here if you are interested.

Thanks for your attention

sunday 16/09/2012

Still on a massive recruitment drive even with our number swelling and we are reaching our magic number for our massive opening event...join now

Riot Rots is a casual guild, just here to have fun. Since we're not a competitive guild, we don't really have any requirements as far as level, ranking, etc. The only real requirement is don't be a jerk, have fun, and try to poke your head in and play at least a couple times a week. Gotta get that guild level up so we can enjoy those benefits. smiley

Check us out here:

If you have any questions, contact me or Savyna via pm.

friday 14/09/2012

Thanks, RaW_Shanks!

Another Level Up for the Working Class Heroes! We are fast growing up! Join us!

Then it's simple, don't join! lol. And I don't believe I ever said I was a great player because I have a large collection. RnB_ was simply pointing out that I should have knowledge of different deck possibilities strengths and weaknesses as I would be able to configure just about any deck possibel. All you need is 8 cards and knowledge of how to use them. Unfortunately, I had to leave my guild due to time constraints at work and the inability to be the founder I would like to be. I left the guild in very capable hands and will still assist any of my former guild members.

Again, my most sincerest apologies, but I believe this will be better for the guild in the long run.

thursday 13/09/2012

Hi, I'm a Spanish boy who is studying teacher training in English and although I've got good grammar my weakness is the speaking. I need to practise it and here in my city is almost impossible (just because nobody talks English properly), so I'm looking for someone who could talk whenever he/she wants by Skype.

That's all, if you are interested contact me via PM or just post here ;D.

Thanks to the Staff.

Almost level five. We failed to keep up our "one level per week" streak,. but still, hopefully with enough members we can get to that again (at least until it exceeds the 36000 point limit)

wednesday 12/09/2012

All our members are active weekly. Check us out and see what we are all about. Honorclan Guild

Im a level 46 montana user looking for an active guild that is active on the message board, is friendly, and has less than 100 people.
Dont post on here saying to join your clan without a reason for me to do it.


This small enough?

Thank you to everyone who replied! Very much appreciated.

I'm a newer player and I'm looking for a guild.

Want to join the Hip Hop Messiahz but under level 30?
Join the Hip Hop Disciplez and once you are of appropriate level you can join us!

tuesday 11/09/2012

Not necessary to make a new guild recruitment thread every second day, please use the existing one smiley

Hi richard.tater.9! I'm xxAraneusxx; founder of guild:1812991. I love Comics. So I decided to make a Guild for people who have the same interest. We are a new Guild looking for new members. We are looking for active players who want to try and build the guild they're in. If we are something you're looking for, we invite you to check us out.

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