saturday 15/09/2018

$490,000,000 vs 10 Zigal 0xp

I am looking for all xp Ivana

I value her at 2k per head.


I offer #general cr 0xp 15m + 9 Shinobi 0xp 1.8m + 1 Seldnor Cr 0xp 450k (17250k) for 1 Kiki Cr full xp

I buy invictus 13k to!

Hi i'm selling my Cannibal Jo CR for 10 800 000 Clintz

Hi guys I trade kiki 0xp +200k for Guru full or 0xp it doesnt matter

Trade my DA plus cash

Still Missing:

Cassio Cr 460,000
Thaumaturge Cr 730,000
Selsya Cr 900.000
Jim Cr 1,000,000
Ambrose Cr 1,300,000
Ombre Cr 1,600,000

friday 14/09/2018

That valuation for quetzal is pretty high he is currently at 636,000 at 0exp

Sorry, wrong forum smiley I'm creating a big chaos smiley

Blaaster Cr 0xp can be trade for Kalindra Cr or Jim Cr
Dwain Cr for Swidz Cr or thaumaturge cr. Adding 50k cr or clintz

Exclusive Ghoonbones card for you guys, one of a kind.

1* Altho the evos start at 2


thursday 13/09/2018

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