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friday 14/11/2014


All offers considered, including lots

5.3 M clints.

26x wakai (half full half 0xp) 2.4k each

thursday 13/11/2014

I would like to trade my spyke for cards of this clans , i find diana or nabrissa

The trade has been made thanks for the quick response

If necessary I'll add a complement smiley

What asso said smiley
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.

wednesday 12/11/2014

My miss twice cr 0xp for you full xp + compliment.

Accepting anything reasonable.

He has been selled for 170k the auction is over

These are what I buy

> Elya Cr : 680k
> Tessa Cr : 790k
> Splata Cr : 800k
> Berserkgirl Cr : 800k
> NDololo Cr : 850k
> Flavio Cr : 900k
> Lao Cr : 1M

price is not negotiable

Well she is that much in the marketsmiley

Lost Hog 23 000 ,
Kirozinn Cr 650 000,
Splata Cr 890 000
All Maxed

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tuesday 11/11/2014

Hey would anyone do a vickie cr plus some berzerk i dont have for elya pm

Hello to everybody i sell 12 charlie 0exp for 55k each

if you are interested can contact me

i sell them in private sale, or if i'm offline, you can buy them directly from the market


Send Mercury 0xp 5.700ctz and full 5.500ctz to my private sale

I have also some Crs to trade - PM me if interested

Hello i trade 15 jackie cr full + 2k/each for 0xp

One a time it's also OK!
In private sales thanks smiley

0xp? Ill offer 63k

Hi I want to trade
La bestia
Sera m1

Pm me if interested
Thanks mods

I buy dagg x-odus and dregn for 120000 all

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