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thursday 06/11/2014

Sorry, I don't know why I postet this here. Delete please.

I am looking for Emeth Cr which I value 89k.
For trade I have Dregn (74k) and Noctezuma (80k) the missing clintz can be paid by me in cards or Clintz


I search for Kerozinn Cr (740k) and Tanaereva Cr (330k)

For change I have: Lamar Cr (910k) + Dregn (70k) / Noctezuma (80k) / Kenny Cr (85k) / Dalhia Cr (125k) (depending on which card you choose additional to Lamar there hast to be a compliment to Kero and Tana)

But also other combinations are possible:
Tanaereva Cr +30k contre Dregn + Noctezuma + Kenny Cr + Dalhia Cr
Or Kerozinn Cr + Cash for Lamar Cr


Blaaster cr *

Sell :
Tessa cr 0xp 825k cash
Mp thanks

Hi i want to sell or trade hammer if selling i can sell him for 15 K or trading if u have anny offer

Hello, i would like to exchange my Dounia cr full (400k) +20k for:

Alec cr full (241k) + swidz cr full (177k)

Someone interested? if so then send them to my private sales.


wednesday 05/11/2014

I trade Kiki Cr 0XP against Kiki Cr + full Clintz, each of the interested parties has send me a PM or reply in this thread.

Nty but thanks for the offer

Hello i'm looking for ndololo cr(900k), lao cr(1m) or scarlett cr (1.2m)
pm me

They both on ur private sells for 50 Clinz smiley

tuesday 04/11/2014

Bought them all myself because you nobody gave me...

Lyse teria cr sold, i add

◘ dj korr cr 0exp 9.5m

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