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tuesday 12/08/2014

I trade tan man to you for 30 rolph 0xp.

message me if your interested.

edited by ArtemisBZ tuesday 12/08/2014, 06:30

Sorry I'm pretty much only interested in the Crs I listed

He is now in auction starting at the low low price of 750k!

monday 11/08/2014

You will be puniched and baned for the market by a mod smiley

My prices flow with the market smiley

9m only cash, only for this week , the price is variable smiley

sunday 10/08/2014

Yes, 700 each smiley

I am looking to trade my Noodile Cr for one of the following:
-nabrissa and tameshi
-nabrissa and irene
-2 bridge and tameshi
-2 bridge and irene

Please pm me if interested.

I have 2 Sammy and John im looking for Melvin

86 0xp and 14 full xp, total of 100 Ward hg.

I value them at 500 clintz each, 100*500= 50k

I am looking for cash and maybe trade for a graksmxxt + 8k in your favor.


I have;
71 Kamekun Mixed XP
47 Rakhan Full
46 Rahanpah Mixed Xp
30 B Bazooka 0xp
3 B Bazooka Full
30 Graven Mixed Xp
26 Devil Dog Mixed Xp
20 Campbell Mixed Xp
16 Belmundo Full
16 Westwood Mixed Xp
15 Oxo Mixed Xp
11 Scooty 0xp
11 Mulligan 0xp
11 Gradymag Full
9 Hemdall 0xp
8 SIr Barks 0xp
8 Nabrissa Full
7 Cleo 0xp
6 Clive 0xp
6 Kephren Mixed Xp

I am interested in anything really, just make me an offer


I sell:
Armanda cr : 1,2M
Scarlett cr : 1,4M
Shawoman cr : 970k
sum sam cr : 1,2M
elya cr : 700k
kerozinn cr : 700k

* tessa 780k clints

I have finally saved up 18k clintz. Is anyone willing to sell me a bee boy so my collection can be complete?

Valuing them at 10,800 each now. sell as many as possible smiley

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