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friday 15/11/2013

Only non cr please smiley
want to finish my non cr collection

New price 666 666 in clints and 680k in cards and playable crs smiley

I have 100 kawamashi cr 0xp all, in preference im looking for GraksmxxT `s 0xp or kolos `s 0xp, but im also hear other offers

If you want this card for this price, secure trade me smiley

Still searching

thursday 14/11/2013

Devil DOg for the link

I'll take them for 60k, pm me if you're interested.

wednesday 13/11/2013

I have a 0xp miss twice cr. Looking for a full one and a 5K compliment. PM me if interested

"Willing to pay 30k for Kolos and 24k for Mechakolos"

Still looking to trade him smiley

85 ARE 0XP AND 12 ARE FULL XP smiley

Please no ridiculous offers.
I can work with you but i am not trying to get ripped offsmiley

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