monday 23/09/2013

Like title says. My Emeth Cr 0xp for your Jane Ramba Cr (xp doesn't matter) and 3k clintz

sunday 22/09/2013

Or Tsumdame 0xp, 2 mechakolos 0xp, el divino 0 xp raven 0xp and 100k in clintz for marco cr and alec cr

What about trade cards no clintz for ambrose cr?

Edit please.
Im sell:
Berzrrk, Ulu Watu, Junkz, Sacrohm, GHEIST, Vortex, Piranas, Montana, La Junta, Nightmare, Bangers, Freacs, Fang Pi Clang, Sentinel and Marco Cr

Now looking for skeelz only


Will close the Topic

Is already reserved for 1 future buyer.

thanks... smiley

saturday 21/09/2013

I will pay you Tax too
Example : Marina 17K (Tax = 850ctz) i will pay you 17.850

Not enough

Lotto di 31 brianna tutte 0xp a 7k/l'una
cerco principalmente cash pari al 40% del totale e in più cr come sylth36k kenny42k robb45k alec163k dalhia53k blaaster 85k veenyle 19k edd 21k
scambio solo con scambio sicuro
no perditempo, lamentele di prezzo e altre cose varie.
grazie moddini!!

I offer for tessa cr: vickie cr (460k) + dalhia cr (55k)+ 40k + ongh (35k)+ 5 russel 0 exp (7k) + 3 azel 0 exp ( 4,5k)

For dragan cr i offer another cards smiley

Contact mesmiley

Sorry i have wrong forum!! closed!!

Sell 2 Kalindra Cr 0xp for 60k/each
ST and PS taxes, at your expense


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