sunday 21/07/2013

You are not allowed to advertise auction link here. Next time don't do it.

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Ty Rozzo,

close pls

Hi Mystic, i have a general full xp to trade....we can negotiate via private message smiley

All kinds of cards? but you're a senior xD

Elite, , i would need somehing else more, your offer is a to low

I offer 4 hefty, 5 Dorian, 1 Dagg,1 Kazayan, 1 Maurice, 2 Oflgn , 1 Shaakarti, 1 Pilzken, 2 raven 1 X0Dus ( all of them 0 exp. )+240 K for ur Tessa Cr. , pm me if u are interested

Hello all smiley

I buy Anakrohm 0 xp, 1.500 clintz each card smiley

In Private sales !

saturday 20/07/2013

Each fei for 5k (either full or not)

Hi !

I'm searching to buy a bulk of 50 katja 0xp for 30K
Deal in secured exchange !

Thanks !

I am looking to trade my 90 cyb lhia Valued at 360k for anibal

I value anibal full at 2.3k
anibal 0xp 2.5k

I am looking for bulk trades please not one at a time.

Tessa + 70k smiley

Still looking for trades. I'm interested in anything that I do not already own. Just cross reference some doubles that you have and we can work out a trade

Selling/buying of pfulls are not permitted on the forums smiley

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Looking to buy the entirety of the GHEIST clan minus CR's. I have Cassio Cr and Blaaster Cr that i would possibly be willing to add to the deal. Cassio Cr is the prefered card for trade. Pm any offers

Pm offers, its on th market

Do y'all have any 0xp vanish? @lyingdeath

I have a Lot of 87 Miho full XP - value is 450/ ea
Also, a lot of 79 Roger 0XP - value is 550/ ea
PM me ur offers.

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