monday 07/10/2013

I have 450 Gertjan that I am willing to sell, as a bulk or one by one.

Bulk -> 100k for them all

1 -> 215 each (max 25 per player)

PM me.

No longer need Vickie cr offer is still the following : 200 graksmxxt + Tessa + graksmxxt for two lyse teria cr I can also split the lot up for just one lyse

sunday 06/10/2013

Dont have JArrez but still have the rest any1 ? needing to sell quickly

I sell it for 800k in private selling

Sold. Can be closed :3

I kinda need this card for my Sentinel deck, anyone willing to trade?

Now I traded him for 30k some weeks ago , just because you wanted 40k >.>

You are welcome

At the time i made this post he was at that price, now he's 1.4M


I sell 38 Vermyn N Oxp at 26'000c/u cash !

In Private Sell.

Good day and good game. smiley

Want a Jackie Cr

i have 250 Aleister + 35K to give for that...

and negotiable...

Come on guys, I still looking...

I want to sell or trade my aldebaran cr 0 exp for around 660k.PM please

I've got a full Vickie with 15k smiley
Trade through Sir B00by?

Still on,both have the same value so I think there is not problem here

Im looking for ulu wata mainly but ill do anything that's worth it I value it at 185k

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