wednesday 18/04/2018

Looking for 6.5k/h So in total
Will take CR's in lue of clintz.
Also will take other bulks.

Alright. Got all 15 . and More. Thanks guys

Peace and respect, Blaynsmiley

tuesday 17/04/2018

I sell 46 C0re full for 95k each
I search only clintz

Hello everyone!
I would like to change Ratanah Mt worth 580 thousand for bondenpower, fixit, Juicy Lord, Karl. Kurt loocio., good wheel, Shogunn, Tasty Tast, Dixie, + 192mil Clintz. The complement It can be clintz or letters as you prefer
I am willing to negotiate through Private Sale (VP)
Thank you!

monday 16/04/2018

Hi! i wanna trade some cards i have for 1 General Cr any xp of yours:

I have: 5 Maana Cercei 0xp (715k/t) + 3 Xantiax Robb Cr (2.1M/t) + 1 Kalindra Cr 0xp (1.9M) + 1 Nemo Mt 0xp (3.7M) + 1 Zaveli 0xp (320k) + 1.2M cash
Total ~ 16.9M

PM me if interested

Im loking for geuner any exp .
Pm me your offer cash or card trade .
GG's to all


I want to trade my KIKI Cr for your 65 Graks 0xp

PM me asap

sunday 15/04/2018

saturday 14/04/2018

Exact but i try smiley
Thanks smiley

As said, i'd like a comanche for about 2.25kk. i can't offer more, srry

I offer:
215 0xp Lear Barduh 24.000
150 full B16 Sestra 1.500
72 0xp Oshitsune 55.000
42 0xp ARN 2000 29.000
29 0xp Irene 7.000
18 0xp Lara Hate 38.000

What I want:
0xp Zaveli 330.000 each
0xp Shinobi 180.000 each
0xp Roderick 300.000 each
0xp C0re 105.000 each
0xp Kompact 18.000 each
200 Nobrocybix 10.000 each

Will consider other offers as well! Send me a message for faster replies

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