monday 30/07/2018

Private message if interested

One last thing 0xp plz

sunday 29/07/2018

I'll close this one. Thanks.

Hi I offer mine General Cr (17M) for your Guru Cr (23M). To even the price I also offer 1,5M clintz, Dalhia Cr, Kolos Cr, 2x Butcher Braxton, Impera Sloane, 2x Judge Lynch, 3x Marshal, 2x Newell, 2x Raam, Rage, Surstorming. PM me if you are interested.

My Lyse Teria Cr full vs you Kiki Cr 0xp + 1M

Want to trade my 25x Ford all 0 xp for 1x #Marshal

Well it's not messed up. You're just trying to profit which is completely fine but perau said is also true and honestly probably won't kill your sale because people are impatient and at least one person is bound to take your offer.

Scylla 0xp 40k /
Emeth Cr 0xp 800k
Cassio Cr 0xp 725k/

Looking for Tanaereva Cr and Death Adder

Will you take cards as payment?

saturday 28/07/2018

I'll sell you my Caelus for 4m because strangers have each other's backs too

Some important information is missing from this thread.
What is your estimation on the price of Death Adder?
Exactly which cards are you offering?
If they are lots, how many copies?


I am looking to buy some Mimmo 0xp @15500 each. You can send them directly to my private sale.
Thank you smiley

friday 27/07/2018

I buy :

Artax 0xp 1400/t
50 and + : 1500/t
200 and + : 1600/t

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