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wednesday 30/01/2019

Up,accepting #cannibal jo cr any xp

At the moment only Scarlacc has not been mentioned of interest to any player.

I will close the thread once all the trades have been settled or 12 hours from now depending on which comes first.

I will be busy tomorrow and I will try to settle things. If you send me a PM before the thread closes, I will consider it, even after 12:01PM GMT+8.

tuesday 29/01/2019

Estimate each Figaro at 80k now ( all 0xp)

Congratulations on buying your card smiley

Selling my 43 Schwarz 0xp for 27k each.

I'm looking for

Mechakolos Cr (1 copy)
Nero (1 copy)
Nahi Cr (1 copy)
Selsya Cr (1 copy)

And of course clintz.
XP doesn't matter. PM me for a quicker response. Prices a bit negotiatable

Hey in order to either buy or sell A Award Cr you will need to write in English smiley

My 0xp Death Adder for your full plus this 3 card. Thanks for considering.
Bruno any xp
Clarice any xp
Figaro any xp

My Dragan Mt 0xp (19.55m) + Selsya Cr 0xp (1m) for Manon Mt 0xp (21.5m)

Put one in your PS for 3m.

Up. Now have 3 million clintz too add to offer

monday 28/01/2019

I'd be willing to trade the Dragan Mt 0xp for 8 No Love any xp smiley

Currently, Dragan Mt is around 19.5m on the market, and 8 No Love is around 8*2.4m=19.2m.

Of course, I'd also accept e.g. 5 No Love and around 7.2m cash, or different combinations. Just message me if you're interested smiley

I said my prices in the original. Unfortunately, CJ is down to 11m and General is up to 14m. Unless you want to work with the old prices, I don't think there's a fair deal in here for you.

sunday 27/01/2019

Not available anymore
Thank you

I am looking to buy 5 Arno 0xp @50k each. Please leave him in my PS .
Thank you smiley

Hello. I am offering a few Death Adder 0xp (valued at 1.7m each) in order to get a decent amount of Lulabee Cr (0xp), valued at 120k each.
I'm also looking for only one Eddie Cr full xp for 105k.

That was the idea but i dont want anyone to get banned so im closing this forum thread no more selling cardssmiley

Hi tarde my cr's
Vickie Cr full 4,3M
2 Marlysa Cr full 4M 0xp 4,2M
Rass Cr 0xp 2,3M
Jackie Cr full 1,2M
#lyse teira cr 0xp 14,5M
No Love full 2,3M
#spike mt full 600k
Maana Cercei 0xp 650k
Complement cars up 300k and cash

Buy any xp
Selsya Cr 1,1M
Lao Cr 3,2M
Ombre Cr 2,1M
Aldebaran Cr 2,2M
#cannibal jo cr 11M
#general cr 14
Mp for trade

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