wednesday 23/10/2013

Thanks Cyber smiley

My prices are a bit lower than market on a lot of these...which is pretty good especially for they shouldn't last too long smiley

Ndololo Cr for 600k. (Jackie Cr+450k )

Title says it all. 5k below current market price. Pm me if interested.


look smiley

Buy my at market smiley

Also can do a 0xp lumber jack for bryan pm me which you'd prefer

No longer have the Chiara cr 0 exp smiley

Offering 530k for one of them, private message me smiley

I offer 95 Nelo 0xp (47500) + 5 000 Clintz for Noctezuma 0xp (52 000)

I acept only secure trade smiley

tuesday 22/10/2013

I can offer for gork 1.6k, message me if you're willing to trade.

Also have 7 0 exp Kenny cr @ 60k = 420k

I'm selling 30 Tanner 0 xp, 1250/card.
I'll also accept to trade the for the following:
Ashiko 0 xp: 290/card.
Maciej 0 xp: 3k/card.
Boris 0 xp: 3k8/card.
Kati 0 xp: 1k9/card.
Wendy 0 xp: 1k2/card.
Askai 0 xp: 2k/card.
Kinjo 0 xp: 4k8/card.
Lost Hog 0 xp: 3k2/card.
Deea 0 xp: 1k8/card.
Greem 0 xp: 3k2/card.

We'll use the secure trade.
Let's go!

No longer need dorian no longer have Jackie or tana

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