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monday 16/06/2014

Hello, I am looking for the following

- Crazy Carlo Full XP (16.5k/u) only need 9 more
- Westwood any XP (270c/u) buying unlimited!

- Clintz
- Karrion 0XP (22k)
- Kolos Full XP (51k)
- Mefisto 0XP (9k)
- Ahkab Full XP (24k)
+ More!

Put these cards in my PS, PM me, or post here! (If you put a card(s) in my PS, please PM me telling me so!

Happy trading smiley

90K ill buy for smiley

Jordygn X-0DUS
12x Hemdall remaining

Both sell to eachother at minimum pricesmiley

I know it's a relatively small-scale trade, but i will trade my 0xp Tanaereva Cr that I value at 330k clintz for your Tanaereva full + complement (15k). If anyone is interested let me know! If not, I will most likely level him up.

sunday 15/06/2014

I give
Edd cr
Boris cr
Caelus cr
Chiara cr
chikko cr
Copper cr
Dahlia cr
edd cr
Emeth cr
Heegrn cr
Jane Ramba cr
kenny cr
7 Kawamashi cr
Kreen cr
Noodile cr
Rhed cr
Slyde cr
Smokey cr
Boris cr
Dr copernica
Please pm if u are interested ....any info pm me we can discuss
if u have big cr and u wanna my cards we can negociate pm me

80 cortez still avaible smiley

interested in
8 lizbeth 0xp for my 50 liona 0xp ?

80 Hemdall 25k
70 Pilzken 20k

Looking to trade my Marlysa CR for cards.
Just offer. Not really looking for anything in particular.

Looking for

saturday 14/06/2014

Up lowered to 1750 a head in the lot 89250 is now the price for cr,s cards, and/or clitnz pm me

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