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thursday 23/10/2014

This is the English forumsmiley

I have Marlysa Cr (1.4M) Dragan Cr (1M) / Elya Cr (750K) / Swidz Cr (200K) / Seldonr Cr (150K) all full xp

I want cash or other proposes, pm!

You can close it yourself

I offer kerozinn + 600 000 for scarlett cr, no negotiable sorry

or offer n2 = shawoman cr + 450 000

I'm interested in skullface Cr full only.


Offer gone! smiley
thanks to the seller. enjoy your avi smiley
i'll see you guys in the next offer! smiley

wednesday 22/10/2014

7.4k clintz for all 198 tomoes? ill take that deal smiley unless ofc you mean its 7.4k clintz if you choose to buy them all in one gosmiley

I want to buy graks full xp for 59k in cash or 4 Vermaire+miss lulabee


No, tax still applies

Anne_Smile I'm not asking you again to specify exactly what you want for each card.
Thanks SPT rozzo smiley

I'm looking for at least 40 Grace full (7.1 k) or 0 xp (7.2k)
I offer a dounia cr 0 xp(315k)

Looking to offload 25 0xp Elvis

I am looking for lots of

For cash I'd want to sell the lot for 220 000 [8800/card]
Any other offers are welcomed.
PM for quick response.

For sale 60 hawk 0xp. I value at 20k each.

I can accept crs like: vickie, tessa, tanaereva pm me with offers. smiley

I trade 0xp cards

200 Quasichoco 1k5/t 300k
100 La Cobra 11k/t 1M100
100 D4 Funk 10k/t 1M
50 Brianna 8k/t 400k
110 Clara 4k5/t 495k
35 Nabrissa 14k/t 490k
42 Lumber Jack 8k/t 336k

I need

-but also 0xp cards

Uranus 22.5k/t (max 32)
Devil Dog 10k
Nobrodroid 11k

-and collectors

Jackie Cr 0xp 230k
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 320k
Kalindra Cr 0xp 170k
Dounia Cr 0xp 310k

Molder 550/T
Radek 550/T
Jautya 5K2/T
only 0xp

The trade is done,you can close this topic,thanks smiley

Dj korr cr = 9M400K smileysmiley

I Accept :

Kolos 55K
Ongh 55K
Cortez 58K
Octana 20K
Dr Copernica 30K
Grouchy 12K
Elvis 8K5
T Gaank 6K
Jautya 6K5
Dorian 18K
El Divino 30K
El Gascaro 5K/T
Artus 2K/T

Cr's ( Full/0xp ):

Marlysa Cr 1350K/1380K
Tessa Cr 810K/830K
Splata Cr 810K/830K
Kerozinn Cr 650K/670K
Vickie Cr 600K/620K
Tanaereva Cr 300K/320K


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