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thursday 20/02/2014

I also got sledg 0xp for trade

Not interested in kawamashi cr thanks smiley

As a whole lot I value each card at roughly 37k

Do you need 0xp viecky cr

Will also trade a lv 5 Dalhia Cr (market price 73k) and a lv 2 Dalhia Cr (market price 84k) for a lady cr

Splata cr + 50k x dragan cr full?

wednesday 19/02/2014

Im also buying campbells at 8200 ach in my private sell please

I offer a lot of 95 Deea 0xp at 2.500 each one

- cash (237.500 clintz)
- Nahi Cr 145k
- Thaumaturge Cr 170k
- Dwain Cr 168k
- Selsya Cr 180k
- Miss Twice Cr 235k

Via secure trade.

Thanks!!!! smiley


i buy your butch 0xp from 835/head to be directly put in my private sale

thank you


Mainly looking lots of non cr playables

Still looking for dem Crazy Carlo!!!

I offer:
Shizawa,Pastor,Nahomi,Python,Erpeto,Daqun,Piotr,Anakrohm,TrinmkkT,Belladone,Desmond,Rosa,Tino,Adler,Askai,Psylo,Scotty,Amiral Coco,Candice,Emma,Leela,Beef,Boyle,Hilly Billy,Kawamashi Cr,Lizzy,Lola,Ranesh,Taylor.
I looking for cards 5* and 4* 0xp
Thanks... (: Send me a MP!

Or if you want to sell Jautya for 3k, just private sales me smiley

Hello all,

I buy in bulk your Minerva 0xp or level 4 0xp for 2K / T in private sell.

For big(s) lots PM me smiley

(Sorry for my English) smiley Bye smiley

Up.lowering the price to 540 k now

Kerozinn Cr gone and no longer want Vickie Cr.
Shawoman Cr and Tanaereva Cr still available

tuesday 18/02/2014

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