thursday 12/09/2013

wednesday 11/09/2013

the time had expired

Hello everyone!
Im selling Sigmund cr and I'm looking for 510.000 Clintz or a trade for jackie cr caelus cr swidz cr and 150k
I'm willing to trade through Private Sale (VP)
thanks smiley


I have for trade: Guru Cr(0exp),2xBerserkgirl Cr(0exp), Lao Cr(0exp) Vickie Cr(0exp)

I need: Beltran Cr, Nahi Cr, Lamar Cr, Guru Cr

I have 53x Daddy Jones 0xp, what's your offer ?

Blood h dahlia cr Hawkins more cards to trade for Tan-man
> > > > > Raeth Rhed Cr Selma...

Nobody ? smiley

Good luck Gabriel! smiley Sell in the french forum and it'll be 100% gone smiley

I valued them at 8.3k each for bulk.

Hello, i sell a lot of 100 derby queen 0xp for 570/each by PV ,pm me smiley

Interested in anything else for your alec Cr?

Why doesn't Marty cost 500 clintz yet? Missions man...

I value your daddy jones at 6.25 each
No thanks Cyber smiley
Hoatzin I value your Windzy's @ 649 each

tuesday 10/09/2013

Hi all, i'm gonna keep it short and i'm not gonna give any valuations since i'm only interested in one card for my 15 Saki 0xp: the bearded, shiny-bald, yet very powerfull caelus cr
So , trade:
-me : 15 saki 0 xp
-you : caelus cr 0xp only!
Thank you!


I Search Vickie Cr.
I can give 456k cash.

If you Interested please pm me =)

We also speak a lot of the little languages that don't have their own translation. Examples include:
Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, broken English, Internet troll, Drunk, and Chicken.

I can give for your Vickie Cr 454k~

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