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friday 09/05/2014

In looking to buy Caelus Cr, i have 165,000 Clintz and can private trade today.

No longer need Tan man, and still searching.

Hello guys o/
i want to trade my guru cr full xp ( 10,5M ) ;

I Looking for :

CASH - 3M Min

CR'S like

jackie cr 0 xp
alec cr 0 xp

Non CR'S Like

wanda 0 xp / full xp
zatman 0 xp / full xp
curlix 0 xp

Tanks all smileysmiley

Mind you, the offer I make for you still stands for YOU in the NEXT 48 hours and the card did NOT drop in value AT ALL. You are just giving yourself a bad reputation. I'm done with my piece. Any traders who wants to know what happen and the trade details between us, feel free to give me a PM. Let them be the judge. Otherwise, all the best in trying to get rid of your lots.

logo UR 2 messages

Ok give me your address and ill pick it up

Are you interested in Shawoman Cr 0xp?

thursday 08/05/2014

All aleister sold smiley

Still looking

My Kenny CR 0xp for:

Juicy Lord

Message me, great deal.

I wanna to sell these following cards:
C Beast 4500ctz
C Wing 6305ctz
Cyb Lhia 4448ctz
Dagg 20477ctz
Dregn 60000ctz
Heegrn Cr 14993ctz
Naele 8310ctz
Oflgn 5300ctz
T Gaank 4000ctz
Vektor 4476ctz
X-0DUS 32000ctz
Deea 2110ctz
Krung 2190ctz
Sekutor 2600ctz
Who interested,PM at me but I sale in the market.

And there gone...

I buy

Stella x1 5.6k
Jautya x1 4.6k
Oxo x1 1.7k

Curlix x1 11k

I'll pay 24k for all

wednesday 07/05/2014

Copper cr
blaaster cr 0xp


Marlysa Cr for reference

Are you interested on a Marlysa Cr 0xp for your Marlysa full + complement?


I would like to sell two small lots :

25 Jay 0xp
→ 26k/u

51 Arno 0xp
→ 13k/u

All by private sell and the prices are negotiable by private message

Thanks and good game to all !

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