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sunday 04/01/2015

saturday 03/01/2015

Wow, I went to current sales but disregarded because I saw a bunch of cards that I didn't recall having posted, thanks.

I want 600k cash for it.
any people want it?

@_2015_ - you are selling cards I could buy on the market for cheaper.

No he means 4200 clintz per one not the 2 arkn for 4K


I am looking to sell Spyke 0XP x33. I would like 1Mill cash for the whole lot. The lot is indivisible, and the price is non-negotiable.

PM me to work something out smiley

Thxx,but no more interested in frozn,I think which I need I have

Like to buy him for around 3.2-3.4k.smiley

Hi to everybody i sell 18 kolos 0exp 58k only cash

and i trade 1 dregn 0exp vs 1 pericles 0exp this trade is possible for 15 times

trade and sell in private sale


DREGn 64k or Jane Ramba 51k. xD
Thank you.


I got 690 jean 0xp for 6k each

Vickie Cr : 650K
Marlysa Cr 1.7M
Kerozinn Cr : 800k
Tanaereva Cr : 325K
Dounia Cr : 400k
Elya Cr : 800K
miss twice : 380K
Nahi Cr : 390K
Beltran Cr : 330K
Swidz Cr : 215 K
Lamar Cr : 1M
Tessa Cr : 900K

friday 02/01/2015

It's all in the title, thanks


I just want to ask you, if is your Perices for trade.
I have lots of:
Lucy (full)
Duke (0xp)
Aaron (0xp)
Thorpah (0xp)
Clive (0xp)
Vermaire (0xp)
Doug Snop (0xp)
Vektor (0xp)
Clover (full)
for trade.

Prices like on market x)

If you're interested, just PM me, we can do a fair trade

0 Spycee

They're worth about the same, so you don't need to pay extra. The usual price of Pericles is around 70k.

I know right?

Well looking for something near that thought not entirely same prices i would like to buy them in bulk

Willing to go lower on elya cr? offering 660k

A probleme with the tag, thank you to recreate the subject with the appropriate tag, thank you.

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