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wednesday 11/12/2013

4 alec cr 0exp for dragan cr 0 exp?

I got caelus full +7k for my 0xp ones smiley
close this topic !

Plop ! smiley

Still looking!

tuesday 10/12/2013

I have 3 0xp Noctezuma and im looking to trade the three of them for one Jackie Cr let me know if youd be interested!

Buy dj korr 7,500,000 for private sale please contact me in private

I sell him for 750k.

Who bought mechakolos???
i would also like to sell my 5x mechakolos at that price smileysmiley

Please specify what you have left and write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

210 Daddy Jones 7700 each
25 pilzkens 8000 each
60 Rad 6700 each

Or a good offer.. PM Me

monday 09/12/2013

Kinda?... smiley

Don't be so sure everyone,

Keep asking around for what you want and i'm sure eventually you'll get it.

Might take a few weeks, but I know youll find someone just be patient.

900k is quite high id recommend,
800k in trade, 750k in cash.

good lucksmiley

Bonsoir a tous.. encore.

Alors, pour le echange de Lamar Cr 0xp(540k)

Je proposez;

Rolph 0xp x10 12k/tete ou Stacey 0xp x10 12k/tete = 120k
Toro 0xp x5 20k/tete= 100k
Kolos 0xp x7 40k/tete= 280k
XU52 0xp x3 10k/tete= 30k

Plus 10k clintz

Total= 540k

J'espère que je l'ai fait correctement, aucune pression. smiley

En vente également.
Moyen de transaction par E S.
Merci. smiley

Caelus for 5k in your ps, thanks. smiley

Trade is done close subject smileysmiley

I will ask for this thread to be closed.

The deal was made with robotkhatiwada. He's a very nice and open trading partner.

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