sunday 29/09/2013

Good luck getting buyers from the english community, should be difficult to do with many underappreciating the values of such cards. smiley

saturday 28/09/2013

I sell 7 kinichaw 0xp for 10k each...if you get all the loot i'll give it for 68k

I search cash, little CRs, cards of more than 10k

If you're interested pm me

Hello all,
i'd like to trade my lot of C beast 5k each x30(150k) all 0xp
for Kolos and Dregn 36k/36k both 0xp
Kolos x2 72k = 14 C beast and 2k clintz
Dregn x2 72k = 14 C beast and 2k clintz

And 10 more C beast 50k total for any other card you have to offer.
If interested do notify.
Thank you.

It hardly helps, Hoatzin. It does not help even further when someone is rude and leave a bad experience to another trader. smiley

Ideally I only want one of each, but at the same value, getting multiples will be fine.

39 Plunk = Dregn
14 Plunk = Beeboy

12 Ksendra +1k = Dregn
4 Ksendra + 1k = Beeboy

Message me if interested, cheers.

950 clintz each plunk

2x graksmxxt
2x Jackie cr

Is what I'm offering for: tanaereva cr and a miss twice cr (preferably full xp)

I'm offering 2 Jackie crs and a hawk all full xp

I want kerrozin cr full xp

Pm if interested

friday 27/09/2013

Made a trade that I am happy with. Thanks!

Lot of 40 brianna 0xp sorry for my error

I am looking to buy la cobra for 6500 any xp and lumber jack for 4800 any xp pm me for negotiations of price or put in my ps I will be buying the first of each as I only need one of each

Buy Kerozinn for 450k.

PM offers for me smiley

Could you please state the GHEIST cards you have to exchange and your evaluations as well as what you're searching for? This will make it more convenient for all traders smiley

PM me

Still looking for cards, down to 450k cash though

I finished my reseach of Wonder Lana, and i am going to finish with El Matador.

I am still Looking for :

20 El Matador 0 xp

1-5 : 6700 clintz tête
6-11: 6800 clintz tête
11-20 : 6900 clintz tete

A lot of Zapatino 0 xp (Better price now)

1-10 : 360 clintz tête
11-25 : 380 clintz tête
26-50 : 400 clintz tete
51-100 : 440 clintz tête

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