saturday 13/07/2013

I'm selling it now for clintz or any bigger cards. pm me for offers. thanks

Hi guys, thanks for all the great offers, I now have EVERYTHING i need smiley

I'll be closing this smiley

Looking to trade MECHAKOLOS for some other goodies pm me with offers.

Doh-see-doh and I'm still looking.

You trade for one Nellie?

Hi Evilcalyptic, appreciate your screen for confirming your NM collection.

Could you identify which are Full or 0XP, or are they all Full XP? Thanks

2, I will take it.

friday 12/07/2013

Sorry but you are in the wrong country xD

Hi everybody!

I'm going to sell or trade my Tessa cr 0 xp.

That's what i'm looking for:
♦ 645k cash in private sale or 613k in safe exchange
♦ collectors with value over 30k
♦ Graksmxxt and Uranus 0 xp (40k and 19k)

Thanks for the attention, see you soon smiley

I would like around 98k for Diyo Cr or an 0xp one with a measly little compliment.
For Swidz Cr, I would like also 98k.

Both can be sold for 190k, and all will be done in private sales.

I'd be interested in cards like:
Copper bulk
Kolos bulk
Skullface Cr +3000 cliintz.

Message me if you please.

No jess sorry =p

Ghumbo zatman and 1 copper sold
I add:

X1 blaaster cr 75k minimum (full)

Still looking!

I change my opinion. I only accept zatman, Clintz and Jackie Cr.

You need to buy credits in order to sell. It has nothing to do with the new version.

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