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tuesday 12/11/2013

Hello to everybody i sell or trade my DJ Korr Cr (9M)

i'm interested to :

cr playables (Jackie Cr 150k,Tanaereva Cr 250k ... Tessa Cr, Lamar Cr, Vickie Cr etc etc)

i trade with secure trade, if you are interested contact me, all it's negotiables


Looking to trade a 0xp Tessa cr and Vickie cr one 0xp

tessa 765k
Vickie 555k

cards im looking for are 0xp only
Esmeralda 3.2k
Wanda 3k
Spiaghi 1.2k
Lea 2.9K
Prince Jr 750
hindelga 8k
Noland 1.2k
Reeve 6k
Kinichaw 10k
El Divino 23k
Noctezuma 55k
copper 32k
don 10k

Stooge Bankee Stompah and Thorpah gone

monday 11/11/2013

I give them for 1 noctezuma 0exp...contact me in pm smiley

Hi Damienuk, I propose 1 Bree full Xp, 5 Serena 0xp, 5 Daddy Jones 0xp, 94 Dud Z 0xp for your Caelus smiley

Bump, it actually still looks pretty reasonable according to market prices

Hi i' searching cassio cr and seldnor cr, i will buy the first for 80K(about) and the second for 90K(about).
contact me with pm

Ok - noctezuma is gone;
don`t need dorian and hammer

Now lower in price

5 striker 0 exp for blaastersmiley

Pick as many as you want of you feel it's equal.

General Cr oxp for

-Lyse Teria Cr
-Dragan Cr
-Tessa Cr

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