thursday 26/09/2013

Buy Elvis at 5.5k

Buy Randal at 1.8k


I have for trade Dj Korr Cr full 9 M

I am searching for Guru Cr full 7,8 M
And complement in cash or playable crs (1,2 M)

This is the priority every other offer I'll evaluate but most likely won't accept unless including Guru cr + playable crs or cash

You should post which ones you do have if you don't have most of them.
And if you're willing to "BUY" you might aswell buy them off the market but if you're trading you should post what you have to tradeas I could (emphasis on could I'm not making an offer) offer you the full clan for a jackie but if you don't have one or aren't willing to make the trade that makes it pointless..

60k or negotiate for my 0xp Noctezuma

wednesday 25/09/2013

Can someone put the trade in brackets ? Cheers

Like it says I have the entire frozn clan 0xp looking to trade it for the full xp clan and a comp pm me for negotiations and we will discuss comp

I'm a newbie here can you guys give me cards smiley

Both gone. Middlemanned this trade. smiley

for the money matters.

And no. We simply don't trust you enough to borrow cards to you.smiley

Im looking to trade 3 groups of cards

50 0xp Fabio 6k each
40 0xp madelone 6k each
50 0xp miss lizbeth 6k each

looking for clintz and playable crs

pm me offers

Hi all

Melissa Cr --> 265 cash
Tessa Cr --> 265 cash + Kenny Cr full (47k) + Sylth Cr 0xp (37k) + Ambrose Cr 0xp (340k) --> total of 690k

PM if interested


tuesday 24/09/2013

Time is up, winner : have to win

Sorry -yubei-, i had forget that the gmt was not the same in england ....

I add 10 000 clintz plz!!!

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