wednesday 14/08/2013

Close plz, thx for all proposals

Looking for Jackie Cr, but any reasonable offers are considered


Today i'm separating from my DJ Korr Cr 0xp (9,8M)

Your offer must contain Guru Cr that i value 8,5M.

For complement i'm looking for:

- Charlie 0xp [ 41k/t ] (35 Max)
- Yayoi 0xp [ 24k/t ] (33 Max)
- Striker 0xp [ 23k/t ] (23 Max)
- Marina 0xp [ 21k/t] (28 Max)
- Rolph 0xp [ 6,2k/t ] (81 Max)
- Cash $$ (+2,5%)

Ps: Don't make ridiculous offers , if that happens welcome to my blacklist.

Thanks smiley

tuesday 13/08/2013

Hello smiley

I'm looking for the great mistress of GHEIST: Morlha

I bought all your Morlha directly into my PV in unlimited quantity!
180/ut for the full
200/u for 0XP

For potential lots can discuss the price per PM

Thank you all! smiley

Vickie Cr full xp + 2 Olga full xp? smiley

My smokey cr 0xp for your smokey cr full + compliment

if interested please pm me

thx modsmiley

Hello everybody! smiley I buy a Marlysa Cr full (1.2kk)

I offer: Splata Cr full (567k) + 28 Stompah {26 0xp e 2 2nd evo} (5.7k) + 507k in cash

All in security trade! I prefere that you tell me on mp but also here...

660k in cards or market for clintz.

I trade Vickie cr full 460k and 2 copies of Miss Twice cr full 215k each.
I'm looking for cash, playable crs and cards over 10/20k.
No lots 0xp or unplayable cards.

PM for offer! smiley

My Marco Cr 0xp for your Jane Ramba 0 xp

Secure trades only please smiley

Dagg 16k
dregn 35 k
so 51 k in total..
my price 45k! if you are telling cheap.. smiley

Add Oxp seldnor Cr 90k and 2x Hawk 13k

Melissa cr gone

Still have rest smiley

monday 12/08/2013

Nahi cr is gone smiley

It is still not allowed. If you want to do an auction, do it using purely via the forum. I strongly suggest selling them on the market instead of doing an auction because not many people will want every single cards in that lot. Auctions are good if you have big quantities of the same card.

Just to add on: Auctions are generally better received in the french market section than english section.

edited by Cyber monday 12/08/2013, 17:52

Any offers?
I remeber that I'll accept an offer of Jackie + Vickie for My flavio + 10k (which means that you'd be getting flavio for 580k) until midnight., after that I'll remove the 10k smiley

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