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wednesday 12/03/2014

Looking for El Divino (xp doesn't matter)

Can offer:

Raven full or 0xp

-and one the following-

Madelon full or 0xp
Oflgn full or 0xp
Ayah full or 0xp

PM with offers or questions please.

Thank you,

Numar - Full - 54K
Oraya - Full - 22K

or Set Only - 75K

Can Discount pls add me : CrosMarz

Hello to everybody!

I'm looking for the following cards, I pay all cash or I can also trade cards where is possible:

- Flavio Cr : 710 000 full / 725 000 0xp
- Sigmund Cr: 520 000 full / 530 000 0xp
- Reine Cr : 240 000 full / 250 000 0xp
- Dragan Cr : 720 000 full / 735 000 0xp
- Berserkgirl Cr : 820 000 full / 835 000 0xp

El divino gone.

Dragan Cr evaluated 800k

Lot 3: 5 Kalindra Cr 180k/each

Lot 4: Mefisto 15k + Kreen Cr 80k

Lot Bonus: 4 Ongh full exp 59k/each

Numar and Oraya for Complete Limited mission - Only 70000 clintz

please add me : CrosMarz


As the title states i am looking to exchange My Noctezuma for Copper cr
I have 17 Noctezuma all full xp
i want to do an exact exchange, any xp copper is okay.
PM me or post here to discuss


Graksmxxt 55k
Uranus 25k

put them in ps tnx smiley

Dregn is valued at: 61k
dagg at: 24k
i offer:
florida jane:8.5k

pls pm me for faster response
and tnx mods!

I have a 0xp kreen cr valued at 83k i am interested in trading it for cards of even value combinations of cards or cards and clintz if you have something worth more to offer let me know i have other cards and crs to add to trades as well as clintz pm's will be answered and appreciated i have no specific wants just interested in what is offered thank you

tuesday 11/03/2014

No longer offering bangers huracan or jungo thread will be removed most cards put to market not enough interest thanks to all who have looked at the thread

You like K daoc?
Heavean wht you say about 10 k +zatman full smiley

General cr is gone... But still have guru cr ...i add 50k to the comp. ... Its guru +100k for dj korr cr

Sigmund and Elya are gone and I don't need manon now.

Still selling rass cr, I will take 925k in cash or cards, add 100k for shawoman

You are really changing your evaluations from 09 05 am to 09 58 am ?

A price can change in a week...not in an hour

C Beast- fully evolved
Cyb Lhia-fully evolved
Heegryn Cr-fully evolved
Mikaal-fully evolved
Miss Stella-fully evolved

if you would like to buy one or all of these messge me

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