friday 04/10/2013

Now I take the 0xp for 740 clints and full for 670 clints

I want to trade my Kerozinn cr 0xp for full xp elya cr

Kostner 0xp
Lumber Jack 0xp
Noctezuma 0xp
Tabasco Fire 0xp
to their full xp + 1k for all

Hi everybody,

Today I'm looking for some Blaaster Cr, I pay Cash, the amount depend on the xp of the card.

Blaaster Cr full : 100k cash

Blaaster Cr 0xp : 110k cash

All in my private sale.

Thx smileysmiley


Vendo un sum sam cr 0xp en 1 650 000 (menos que el mercado)

No acepto cambios de cartas por cartas (excepto que sea para completar el precio)
Gracias smiley

thursday 03/10/2013

How in the title, i want to sell/trade my lao cr 0Xp that i evaluate 750k smiley

thanks for your attention smiley

Updating list, remaining cards:

Tessa Cr 0exp valued 615.000
Lamar Cr 0exp valued 600.000
GraksmxxT full valued 40.000

Hello all ii sell Cr and lot of cards :
2 Leviatonn 0xp 15300/t
20 Murray 0xp 820/t
50 Arkn 0xp 2600/t
50 Steve 0xp 8500/t
Alec Cr full 179k
Nahi Cr full 175k
2 x Emeth Cr 0xp 42k/t
Miss Twice Cr 0xp 240k

i can accept :
Charlie 0xp 40k
Ongh 0xp 37k
Striker 0xp 23k
Dregn 0xp 36k
Bogdan 0xp 30k
Marco Cr 0xp 41k

all by Private sell or à moderator smiley

Give me offers.

Yay bought for Ndololo Cr + 500k cash, THANKS =)

I have 13 0XP Yayoi which I price at 22k/head (286k)
and 8 FULL XP Yayoi which I price at 21k/head (168k)

Which is a total of 454k

I am looking for the following cards:
Vickie Cr (435k) which I expect a complement of 15k
Lola (4500/head)
Isatis (3000/head)
Raven (10k/head)
Oshitsune (6k/head)
El Matador (6.3k/head)

Send me a PM if you want to negotiate offers.

I sold a one scarlett smiley

I remain one

@Warrior Care
2 marly 2.400 + tessa 610 + splata 620 + lamar 520 + vickie 460 I don't seek unplayable cr so flavio 500
tot 5.110 you should add about 890

@Ariakan WMD
2 vickie 920 + lamar 510 + 10 tanman 2.400 + 10 caelus 1.100 + 5 jackie 700
tot 5.630 you should add about 370

all prices are X1.000smiley

I don't answer into Forum.


I sell my 1000 Radek 0EXP, if you should be interessed in contact me how ever per PM. I sell this incredible lot for 1,1k each.

I am also interessed in cards like (0EXP):
Jackie Cr

Thank to Staff and a good UR at all smiley

It'd be easier to wait. With all the cr's suffering from over-inflation right now, buying is a bad option. In about 3 weeks, all that should change. smiley

wednesday 02/10/2013

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